Monday, November 2, 2015

When the Mountains Slip into the Heart of the Sea

Photo by Mary Vee

Probably the one thing I am going to look forward to the most in heaven is not being bullied, distracted, persuaded, etc by the evil one's tricks. 

Instead I'll enjoy mountaintop visits with God for all eternity. It will never stop or slip into the heart of the sea (Psalm 46:2). I'll see great things He's created. Hear only His voice in my head...yah. Won't that be the ultimate? Sigh. How I yearn for this.

What brought all this on?

My sweet daughter had her mountain slip into the heart of the sea last week. Talk about the momma bear ire coming to life. BIG TIME! In her head she was tormented by a comment someone said. The poor thing.

Only days before she received three pieces of fantastic news: 

*she'd won a scholarship to continue her studies based on her excellent grades, 

*she'd been accepted to study abroad in her program (only 6 could go)--this class happens to be going to the country she wanted most-- 

*and she was one of only 2 students in her class chosen to participate in an International competition. Talk about pinnacle!

Her confidence soared. 

And while these three things are still coming, the evil one robbed her confidence. 

A group of friends wouldn't let her pull up a chair to join the group. Seriously? This is college not high school.

It took twenty minutes to whittle out the issue from her. Mom's know the glassy eyes. The quiet voice. The short spirit. I wouldn't let her leave until she told me. 

I gave the usual pep talk, but...yah...I've been there. The hug, the soft words from Mom are just not enough.

What was the infraction? Friends. Who could best fix the problem? Friends. 

God ordered the perfect plan and set it rolling in my head. I hurried over to Facebook and looked on her friend list. I'm not "friends" with them, but I can message them. I sent the same message to the two I knew: Daughter is having a rough day. She needs encouragement and something to make her laugh.

One friend, who is an animal lover wrote back "send cute dog pics. Got it." The other said, "Oh no, I'm sorry to hear that. I'll get in touch with her! Thanks for letting me know."

Then I spoke with hubby. He called her right away.


The result?

Daughter rose to the surface of her stifling ocean and took a breath of air. She texted me: "Just got a call from Dad, a message from (friend1) and from (friend 2). Thanks."

How did she know God put me on the job?

I texted her back: "Have a good day sweetie and know who your real friends are."

This post have been brought to you by the one word: KnowyourrealFriend


Angie Quantrell said...

You go, mom! Love the story.

Mary Vee Writer said...

I have a feeling you'd do the same, Angie :)

connie said...

I never had daughters to do this for, but now with 4 daughter-in-laws, I know how much a good supportive hug or talk can help them out. Good for you.

Mary Vee Writer said...

Hold this advice for when those grand babies get to be teens. :)