Monday, October 26, 2015

Be Bold

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A blended family lived in the house behind us. When the kids from dad's previous marriage and the kids from mom's previous marriage joined the kids from the new blended family, there were a lot of kids ranging in age from infant to high school.

All in all, the troop played really well together...except when they didn't.

The four-year-old was my all time favorite. His name was Henry. Henry said the most memorable things. Like:

When his toddler sister crept outside to joined in the fun and suddenly screamed, he ran into the house yelling, "She's crying, and it's not my fault."

Clearly, poor Henry excelled in finding mischief. 

Then there was the time Henry used his compassionate, organizational skills. He called all the younger kids together and said, "All right everyone, let's take turns. Everyone get behind me."

Yes, sweet little Henry was four.

And his bold little spirit was like the sprinkles and nuts and cherry on top of ice cream. 

His spirit made me laugh. He caused me to think. He'll probably be a CEO of a company some day as long as that spirit isn't crushed.

Sure he needs to guard against offending. If he can keep the humor in his bold statements, he will go far.

Now we switch to the adults.

Time has a way of stealing this same spirit from adults. Caution morphs into shyness. Determination dissolves into gruff endeavors. The spirit to speak out withers to second thoughts.

There are times when we need to keep quiet and time we need to have the bold voice of John the Baptist. Do you remember reading how John the Baptist boldly went before Herod? He pointed his finger and told him he'd committed adultery by killing a man and marrying his wife. Ooo there is so much more to that story. And, yes the end of that story is not what we'd like to hear...but I find John the Baptist to be an example. A man who stood up for what he believed and boldly proclaimed that message. No matter what the cost.

This is sounding a bit rebel, true. Maybe we need a bit of rebel in us to climb out of our shells and be bold for the good things.

Consider your current situation. Is there someway you can stand bold in your faith? Not impose. Not shove-it-down-the-throat. Not sanctimoniously. But boldly. 

This post has been brought to you by the one word: Be-bold

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