Monday, October 5, 2015

An Abbott and Costello Bumps Into The Three Stooges Day

Abbott and Costello performing
Who's on First?

I love to watch Abbott and Costello. 

I'm not as big of a fan of the Three Stooges mostly because they can be cruel to each other. None the less, they are comedic.

THIS was a day when Abbott and Costello bumped into The Three Stooges. I mean, when you read what happened, you probably will say...nah--she embellished the story. 


This is for real.


1. Saturday night at the ACFW gala I was so excited about...well everything. Back at my sister's house--a mere 1.5 hour drive away, I looked for my phone to set the alarm for the next morning, but couldn't find it. I knew then...yep, I had left it at the gala. Only God could fix this problem. I FB my friends at the hotel Sunday morning. They checked their room and with security and found it! I had a small window of time to drive to the airport, get my phone, and drive back before the evening scheduled activities. I drove to the airport and was reunited with my phone.

So why? Well, I had managed to get lost three times traveling to and from the airport by this point. God knew I needed practice. Because of His awesome plan, I knew exactly where to go the day I was to depart and would have no one around to help me. 

2. Three days later, I left early to get to the airport AND allow a stop at the gas station. BUT I was in Dallas/Fort Worth area. I knew one way to the airport and needed a station close to the airport to fill my rental. I can do this....I thought. I exited the expressway in a shopping/hotel/restaurant district. There was NO gas station in sight. (really?) I drove along the service drive about four miles and was ecstatic to see one in the distance. Time ticked closer to my departure.

3. I put my card in the machine to pay for my gas. A notice flashed: See Cashier. (sigh.) Inside the store was a long line of customers buying pop and other products. When my turn came I told the cashier my pump number and said I was confused. He said your card was rejected. (Really? Can we say their computer wasn't working right? Nope. It had to be my card). He ran my card. "Seems to work fine," he said. I was polite.....mostly. "Yes, I know it works. Thank you."

4. Using cheaper sights to buy a plane ticket isn't always wise. The sight gave me 40 minutes from the time my first plane was set to land to the time my second plane would take off. This gave me 10 actual minutes to sprint across the airport. Yep, the two gates were on opposite sides of the airport. BUT God, knew I had been lax in keeping in shape. As I sped walk to the center of the airport, a cart appeared. "Are you going to terminal D?" I asked. The driver said, "Sure, hop in." He dropped me off at the terminal, and I ran through the terminal to the last gate as the last passengers were boarding the "already full flight."

5. That's when I realized I couldn't find my boarding pass. (Larry? Curly? Mo?) God had it covered. I went to the desk, probably looked rather disheveled and pathetic. The clerk took mercy on me and said, "No problem. I'll print you a new one." Bless his heart.

6. All seemed to go well. I boarded the shuttle bus after picking up my baggage and realized I'd lost the stub showing where my car was. (Good thing I had my head attached!) BUT God in his mercy had me take a picture of of the stub while in Dallas to share with my daughter in case she needed the car. I showed the picture to the driver and told him I was having one of those days. 

7. God knew I needed to share my adventures. The bus driver laughed the whole way back to my car. I stepped out, gave him a tip and thanked him. He said, wait. You might need this. He handed me my phone which had slipped out of my pocket onto the seat. (sigh) Have you seen those movies where a person steps off the airplane or rocket and kissed their home ground? I felt that way. NOW, all should go well. I was home.

8. My church was located between the airport and my home. 40 minutes to the church from the airport, 40 more minutes home. I chose to slip in choir practice. That's when I realized I'd forgotten to put my choir folder in the car. I walked into the choir room and confessed. The choir secretary smiled, "No problem," she said and handed me another folder.

9. I slept really well that night. LOL!!

Can you imagine what would have happened if God didn't have an ARMY of angels watching out for me that day?

Talk about being blessed to the max.


Your turn. How has Go blessed you lately?  C'mon...share. You know He's helped you in some way. Let us rejoice with you.

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