Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Labor Day - Did I Do Enough?

Photo by Mary Vee

Someone special is coming to your office or home. You rush about cleaning, preparing appropriate items (the project for the office situation, a meal for the home), and yourself. The person is due to arrive any minute.

You look around and probably say, " Oh no, I forgot to--"

Strangely enough, that one item you noticed at the last second stands out to you like a neon sign. You're convinced the guest sees it also. I mean why not? It's as clear as a red stain on white carpeting!

To make matters worse, you didn't hear the last thing the guest said because thoughts of the undone inundated your mind. Should you ask them to repeat it, or try to figure it out contextually?

Good grief!!

On this wild and wacky note...Happy Labor Day to you!

Whether your career has you raising children and endlessly cleaning your home, or you're a business person filling out form 207/J for the forty millionth time, this is your day to rest.

Do some thing fun. (Go ahead, ignore the dust on top of the piano, I did and we survived for another day)

What would you like to do? 
Must be realistic.
Must be in your financial means.
Must take 24 hours or less.
Must be different from your ordinary work day
Must be something that can, at least once, make you laugh or smile.
Must be able to overlook mistakes (spilled drink, missed phone call, etc)

Let's see what ideas we can think of... 
I'll start:
Sit outside and watch the sky
Draw a picture (this is not just for kids, yah know. Michaelangelo did it.)
Play an instrument
Read a book
Skype a friend
Look at old photo books
Make a special dessert. (try chocolate lava cake...it's a fun surprise inside the cake)
Browse through your memory box (we call them treasure boxes. Inside a 8x8x8 inch box are the things I have kept since I was a kid.)
Watch a movie.
Go fishing
Take a hike
Ride a bike
Take photos of your favorite ...(flowers, pets, children, etc.)

So....what will you do today? Let me know in the comment area. That way, others can see your idea and say, "Oh yeah. That's a good idea!"

Have fun!!


quietspirit said...

I've been under the weather,I finished reading two books yesterday (Tuesday) Hubby and I are going to a funeral this afternoon--a very good friend of Hubby's. Your list looks interesting,

Mary Vee Writer said...

Well, girl, looks like you need some chicken soup, another book, and to celebrate the good times of hubby's good friend. I'm so glad he God gave him that friend.
I'll be praying for you.