Tuesday, September 1, 2015

It's the Maze that Can Get Yah-Or Tickle Yah

It's a sunny day. Everything is going to plan.

Suddenly a barrier pops up out of no where threatening thunderous results.  

Plans get made, materials prepared, everything is going well then something happens.

This isn't a pessimistic post--ah hah, you thought it was didn't you?

Nope. Actually, I think if life moved smoothly like we say we wanted, it would be rather empty. We wouldn't have something to work for, challenges to overcome--reasons to rejoice. Even memories would be bland.

Think of those funny wedding glitches. (My ushers accidentally sat the grooms family and friends on the left side. That meant the bride's family sat on the right. My mom was so bothered by the situation, the photographer had to step in. He said "We could ask everyone to stand up and shift if you want." Just the idea of the wedding Chinese fire drill idea makes me laugh. Mom decided to leave it alone.)

Or the Sunday morning your sweet little toddler princess wore her fancy pastel yellow dress out the door and walked toward the car, but stopped to sit in the muddy puddle placed there by the powerful rainstorm the night before. (Toddler clothes need to be disposable.)

And the chocolate cake sitting on the table. While the adults joked with each other around the corner, the three-year-old inspected the frosting still dressed in her white blouse. (That was a photo op we captured-eat your heart out Hallmark)

Or the family car that broke down two miles from the school where one child waited to be picked up. The walk with the three year old on a busy street became an adventure. AAA the white knight.

Sure, I'd like my days to be sugar coated and all mountaintops most of the time. I think. But if they really were so easy every day...I'm not so sure life would be very interesting.

Okay, I told on myself...what glitch, barrier, wall have you overcome?

This post has been brought to you by the one word-Overcomers


quietspirit said...

I worked in a small town library for a few years. The first fall I worked there, the director was upset because there were people waiting to get in to get their flu shots before we normally opened for business.
He obsessed about the people being out there. The crowd was not doing anything but waiting. I asked, "What do you want us to do,call the SWAT team?" He repeated the words SWAT team and then he let out a small laugh. That was about the only time I saw him chuckle, We let the people stay outside for a few minutes more.

Mary Vee Writer said...

Well done!
Sometimes an unexpected response is exactly what we need to pull us out of the bog/quicksand. And like your situation, often results in laughter.