Monday, September 28, 2015

A Healthy Breakfast Idea-Even Finicky Eaters Enjoy

I went to the grocery store to pick up an item Saturday morning.

I know. I know. Big mistake.

The store was packed with weekly shoppers. The kiosk samplers blocked the aisles. Sales. Long lines. Yeah.

Any who. 

I happened past one particular kiosk. The gal had frozen strawberries and a few other ingredients. Little white paper cups held some pink liquid. I thought, I'll try it. I like strawberries. 

I'm a finicky eater and am only willing to try new foods that have ingredients I like. The yum factor hit pretty high, although I thought it was a bit too sweet. 

Here is what she used:

A juicer (I didn't have one)
Low fat vanilla yogurt
frozen strawberries

Huh. This looked like an easy way to use left over pieces of fruit before they go bad. I bought a ten dollar single server juicer (which I've been wanting for a long time), some fresh strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, kiwi, and dragon fruit, (the dragon fruit was my chefy daughter's idea). Frozen are just nasty.

Chefy daughter and I went to work when we got home. We cleaned a few strawberries, raspberries, and the dragon fruit and put them in the juicer. Once they liquified, we added a 1/2 cup yogurt. 

The combination made a strong, delicious berry smoothie that popped in my mouth. The flavors didn't need any sweetener. 

The extra bonus is: I can add any fruit I like or am willing to endure. The endured fruits can be masked by the flavors of ones I like and still give me the nutritional benefits.

Then I started thinking, maybe I could make a vege drink. I could use your ideas here. My first thoughts are to try fresh carrots, tomatoes, and hide some broccoli in there. I'll close my eyes when I add those. 

THEN I thought. I could take the yogurt and fruit idea and make an awesome toping over shortcake for a dessert.

And the vege drink, made a little thicker, could be a sauce over meat OR...

Wow the ideas are popping in my mind. 

All because I bought a $10 juicer.

I get it. You've already thought of one, two, or more of these ideas. All right, then, share other ones you've tried. Even if you don't have one, and maybe haven't tried juicing, perhaps you've thought of ideas we could both try.

I have a new toy and I'm excited to play with it.


J.Grace said...

I actually purchased The Smoothies Bible I saw at Khol's department store. We really enjoyed making Cherry Smoothie(cherries, orange juice & ice) Berry Mango smoothie(mango, milk strawberries, rasberries & vanilla yogurt).

The ice cream smoothies are great for hotter months. There are so many great options.

Mary Vee Writer said...
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Mary Vee Writer said...

Ah yes, auto correct changed my is my comment correctly:Yum. Oddly enough my teen who thought it was a crazy idea decided she could make a frappuccino with it. All of a sudden my little toy is cool.