Monday, August 10, 2015

What To Do With The Mystery Meats/Vegges Hiding in Your Freezer

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This summer, we hit a moment when many bills rolled in due to unusual events.

At the same time, I noticed small packages of "mystery meats and veggies" in our freezer. This happened when not all the pieces in the package were used in a previous meal. I had shoved them in a freezer container and forgot to label them. 

My chefy daughter and I love to watch the show Chopped. Odd ingredients are put in a basket for the contestants. The chefs then have to make a delicious dish within thirty minutes for the judges.

Using this fantastic idea, I randomly pulled out a mystery frozen container and set it in cold water to thaw. Once the meat could be identified, chefy daughter had to figure out what to do using only ingredients we already had in the house. I gave her the whole afternoon instead of the thirty minutes.

LOL. As I write this, she is watching an episode on the Internet and shouting, "The idiot!! They should have..."

Today's challenge: Three different packages of vegetables. One was mixed Mexican veggies, another, mixed oriental vegetables, one frozen pie crust, and a package of green beans. The added challenge: Mom hates veggies, and Mom really dislikes oriental food.

1. Chefy daughter emptied the veggie bags into a pot and put them on low until warm. 
2. She added fresh tomatoes, sausage, and chicken broth. The idea was to squelch the oriental flavors. 
3. She made dumplings from the pie crust and added them to the pot. She added apples and fresh carrots to help diminish the nasty Asian taste. 
4. Time to let the ingredients rest and allow the flavors to marry.
5. An hour before dinner time, the flame on the soup was turned up and chicken broth added to maintain the liquid level.
6.The pièce de résistance- whisk in sour cream to totally vanquish the Asian nasty taste.

She also found a baguette in the freezer, too.

And the results:

Chefy daughter and her creation
"I have made for you a fusion soup that really epitomizes the intersection between eastern and western cuisines served with a light iceberg and tomato salad and whole grain French baguette."

So what's for dinner in your house?


Janice said...

Wow! That post is so inspirational! I just wish my husband would be more inclined to adventure outside his habitual meals. If I made that wonderful dish, it would be all for me. Hmmm...not a bad idea! ♡

quietspirit said...

This is so interesting. Hubby does most of our cooking. He has never been one for left overs. But I like the way your daughter used the added ingredients to take away the tastes you don't care for. It sounds like your daugther will become a chef.

Mary Vee Writer said...

She is :) She is has finished her second year of Culinary Arts school and hopes to get an internship in Scotland or Germany next summer. Wouldn't that be awesome?? She would love to go to either one. I can't wait to see what she will learn there.

Mary Vee Writer said...

Yeah, my hubby doesn't like to venture out of the usual either. BUT, when he isn't here for dinner, or lunch, chefy daughter and I play this game.