Monday, August 3, 2015


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For the next few weeks I have a new job. 


A family member suffered an injury resulting in surgery and is home recovering. 

The problem for the injured one is the bucketload of commitments she still hopes to meet. 

What time is it? Time for meds yet? No, the exercises need to be done now. 

Two o'clock, time for ice. Three o'clock, physical therapy. Four o'clock, ice and the machine for circulation. Five o'clock, meds and the machine for swelling. Every hour something is stopped and something else started. 

Keep on schedule, don't slack. It's the only way to meet the commitments.

Up at 7am. Go. 

Try to do this task on your own. I'm here to help if needed.

Don't forget to drink. Here is a full water bottle.

Stay strong. Keep working. Push through.

11pm sleep

Sheer determination is on my patient's face with only a few melt downs.

Two days after the surgery and no weight allowed on one leg, we climbed into our car and drove one hour to honor her first commitment.

Sigh. She is happy.

That makes me smile.

I wish I could be the amazing cheerleader God is for us. He sets these magnificent ideas in our heads and gives us the strong desire to meet them. Missionary Amy Carmichael had to go home to England after serving only two years due to illness. Everyday the desire grew stronger in her heart to go back to the mission field...a year later she did.

God loves us so much. 

He watches us closely making sure we have what we need and helps us go through the necessary steps to prepare and learn. God never gets distracted or is late with anything we need. He never has to set an alarm to remember, He is perfect. 

God talks to us, sings to us (Zephaniah 3:17), and wants the very best for us.

God loves us so much.

Think about that amazing project in your head. The one that, even though you don't realize it, will benefit someone in some special way. Time to watch the clock?

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