Monday, August 24, 2015

Following Google's Directions Might Take You Where No Man Has Gone Before

Photo by Mary Vee
I planned to go to a meeting with some fellow writers. I plugged the address into Google and looked over the three plans it gave. 

The directions seemed good.

But I didn't trust them. Poor Google didn't know when construction and other unusual issues, like too many traffic lights, delay the trip. It thinks like a crow.

So I disregarded the first half of the instructions and jotted down the rest. Once on the expressway, Google had to be my guide since I was out of my element.

Yeah! I reached my destination ten minutes early.

On the ride home, though, I thought I'd take a chance and drive the "quicker" route according to Google.


Fortunately, I had a compus in my car.

Photo by Mary Vee--I haven't a clue where I was.
After the meeting, I thought it might be fun to try Google's fastest route. I exited the express way and drove a short ways to an intersection. 

To go straight, as the directions indicated, would be to drive on a dirt road. I was okay with that, until the car shook as if it was in a paint mixer.

At the next intersection, the next unlabeled intersection, the dirt road in front of me had a "dead end" sign. 

My home was northeast for the point I exited the expressway. No problem. I didn't have a clue where I was, but I had a compass. As long as I headed north or east, I would find home.

I texted my daughter and told her I was following Google directions home which meant I was playing a derivation of our family Vee road trip game. 

Our family loves to see new things. For fun, we pick a destination like a lake or town we haven't seen. We start on some side or country road, heading in the general direction of the endpoint we want. If the road ends, we turn, always heading in some way to where we want to be. You wouldn't believe all the fantastic tiny towns, vintage houses, little business, and scenery we've stumbled across. 

Photo by Mary Vee--still not sure where I was
Back to my crazy trip home: I stair-stepped from one dirt road that had a dead-end sign to another. I felt like progress had finally been made when this paved road suddenly appeared on the other side of a hill.

This incredibly "as the crow flies" route took about double the time to drive. I am so glad I didn't try it on the way to the meeting.

However, I must admit, I saw some very lovely countryside.

Aren't you glad God's directions lead us safely to our destination? His Word is trustworthy and true. Thank you God.

Have you been on any odd trips like this?

This post has been brought to you by the one word: GodIsOurCompass

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