Thursday, July 2, 2015

Fabulous Friday Feature-United States of America

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My guest today is the United States of America. I am thankful for all the men and women who have given their lives and those who, unfortunately, are suffering from injuries for the sake of our freedom today.

Celebrating is always fun.

Don't you find the pop of fireworks and the splash of color in the night sky amazing? I do, too.

Due to weird work schedules in our house, we celebrated the United States of America on the 1st instead of the 4th, complete with big taco meal, invited family guests, and a family firework show.

We talked, laughed, shared stories, updated everyone on the latest about each family member. What a fun time.

I hope your 4th celebration is as grand.

I wish our country could celebrate Independence in a way that considers everyone. I'm not referring to political beliefs, just every person. I learned in one of my first full time jobs as a secretary that I couldn't meet everyone's need, no matter how hard I tried. I still tried even though the other secretaries said I was foolish.

God loves all of us unconditionally. He has standards that He expects everyone to obey. These standards are for our good and make sense. God even provided the way for us to go to heaven. 


For all

Which includes anyone who is willing to take the journey.

I hope you have an amazing celebration this weekend. Is there anything I can pray for you?

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quietspirit said...

I am riding in our city's Independance Day parade on my church's float this evening (Friday). Our son went camping west of where he lives. He has been invited to a cook-out at a friend's house there where he lives. Hubby will be watching a race tomorrow.

Mary Vee Writer said...

Sounds like a lot of fun! Have a super weekend!