Monday, June 22, 2015

The Hilarious Reuniting of Long Lost Friends

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The incredible group of ladies met for breakfast at a small town restaurant. 

The first lady arrived at the same time hubby and I pulled into the lot. She parked in the handicap spot, walked into the restaurant with her walker and requested seating at a group of tables that had one long bench joining them.

She sat by herself, ordered coffee and patiently waited, speaking occasionally with the waitress.

Two other ladies, both donning short, white permed hair and glasses greeted their friend and sat with her. Their chatter sounded like best friends continuing a conversation where they last left off.

Over the next twenty minutes, ten more ladies joined the group, each one hopping in the conversation as they sat.

At two minutes before twelve, two last ladies walked toward the table. There were no more chairs. One of the two ladies stiffened her back and frowned. "Well," she huffed. "We should have set the time for a half hour ago."

Now here is the non spoken communication I am guessing happened in this scene. Smirk. This is the part that I thoroughly enjoyed.

Lady number one woke early. She hurried to get dressed concerned that there wouldn't be a table for their group. She found her favorite purple blouse and necklace that matched her comfy slacks. Her hair was a bit out of place, but it would have to do for now. She needed to hurry to get to the restaurant and save a place for everyone.

The traffic moved a little slower than she wanted. Didn't everyone understand she had to get to the restaurant? The handicapped parking spot near the door was empty. She pulled into the spot and stepped out of her car. After a few tugs on her blouse she hurried as fast as her walker allowed. Fortunately, the restaurant had plenty of space. She smiled. 

**Mary's note-this restaurant rarely had 25% filled with customers. 

After a few ladies arrived their conversation focused around these days. "Why, we use to be able to go to a restaurant in town. Now we have to drive all the way out of town to go to a restaurant." 

**Mary's note-this restaurant is on the edge of this two mile long small town. I absolutely loved listening to these ladies--truly this is no sarcasm. Their conversation made me smile. If we could have, hubby and I would have stayed longer, but we thought the ladies might think we were listening to them...even though we were ;)

The last lady to join this group, the one who was upset that all her friends arrived and had their food served to them when she walked in two minutes early, took charge. She walked to another table and grabbed two chairs and dragged to where her friends sat. She placed herself at the head of the table and said with a firm voice, "Well, we should have set the time for a half hour ago."

Loved this. The other ladies didn't buckle under her words. Most of them kept talking in small groups of two or three. I'd venture to say the whole spectrum of personalities sat at that meeting of long lost friends reuniting.

So if they wanted to get together again next week, and decided to change the time to 11:30, what time do you think the first lady would arrive? I'm tempted to go and see. (wink)

And maybe I'll order another cup of coffee, just to listen in on their conversations.

Isn't God amazing? We think we join groups with individuals who have things in common with us. When in actuality, we, and every other person in said group supplies a different piece of the whole.

This post has been brought to you by the one word: Friends


quietspirit said...

Mary: I find this interesting. I can tell you like to 'people watch'. Isn't it fun? I don't get to do it very often but that could change. I do believe the others in the group just might have the vocal one's number, so to speak.

Mary Vee Writer said...

I don't think I'll ever really find out what happened with the group of ladies who met for this lunch, but it sure is fun imagining.