Monday, May 25, 2015

We Remember

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We set aside Memorial Day to remember the sacrifices of the many American men and women of every race serving in the armed forces. This sacrifice has meant death for some, injury for others, and traumatic flashbacks for many.

I saw a few of the Dancing With the Stars shows this season. One of the "stars" was a man who lost his left arm and his left leg while serving in the Middle East. In those few shows I watch him learn how to dance and inspire the nation with his determined spirit.

The man openly admitted he struggled terribly from the moment he woke after surgery and for a long time after. It took a team of friends and family to envelope him and encourage him to keep living. 

Dancing wasn't easy. He fell. He tried to wear an arm prosthesis and failed. He had trouble moving his leg prosthesis to the beat of the music. Those watching the program inspired him to keep trying with their votes.

He didn't win. He came in third place. But in the end, he smiled. He spoke of his appreciation for all the people who remembered to encourage him and stand by him.

That is what it takes. 

For anyone who has sacrificed for others and has come home.

He or she needs friends and family to remember that sometimes they just need:

*to cry
*to be sad
*to be angry
*for someone to listen and not offer advice
*someone to hug them

And sometimes they will:

        fall or fail

But with the right amount of encouragement and support he or she will: 

       get back up and succeed

What special way can you show someone you remember them?

This post has been brought to you by the one-word: Remember

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