Monday, May 4, 2015

The Truth About Priorities

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The truth about priorities:

Sometimes we need to focus our energies and get the task done. Sometimes we should set the task aside.

God expects us to take care of the most important tasks first. He also expects us to know when to let go and let Him handle the situation

There are times when getting rattled about a priority is good. John the Baptist did. Yes, we know the result, but he also made the right choice. I don't know that I would have had the strength to stand up to Herod like he did. There are some very important causes that need strong voices.

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There are times when we need to focus on priorities. 
Making our bed each day to show respect and stewardship for what God has given us
Doing the dishes each day to stay healthy.
Taking care of those in our charge (children, elderly parents, etc)
Getting up in the morning to go to work.
Going to church.

There are also times when we really need to let an issue go. This is a list that only each individual should write. You'll notice it also varies from day to day. 

The importance of this priority list is realizing whatever fits in this category will not change the course of events. In fact, choosing to deal with these priorities:

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May harm a relationship. 
May cause us to sin. 
May cause others to sin.
Can make us unhappy the rest of the day.
Can lower the quality of other work we do because we are consumed with thoughts of the priority.

The truth about priorities is that we need to examine each one. Washing dishes is an important task, except when...(you fill in the blank). 

On the other hand, sometimes just doing our best and enjoying the day is the right priority. 

What kind of day are you having? Are you frazzled? Rattled? Coming unglued? Unmotivated? Lazy? Buzzing around like a pin ball?

Take a moment and ask God to help you set the priorities for the day. He will help you order your tasks and let you know when something can simply wait.

Can I pray for you today?

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