Monday, May 18, 2015

Kudos Party Time!!

Fireworks above the stadium during the graduation
Photo by Mary Vee

Like many of you, we are celebrating a graduation. Hubby and I went to Tucson to attend our daughter's graduation from University of Arizona. 

Photo by Mary Vee

My daughter, Katy received her Masters. 
Her focus was Choral Conducting. 

University of Arizona stadium
2015 Graduation
Photo by Mary Vee

There are many kinds of graduation. No matter what the party pooper says, they are all important and worthy of acknowledging.

Here is a short list of graduations:

High School
Finishing a first ...(quilt, story, song on an instrument, vocal performance, hair cut, walking, lost tooth, first tooth, cooked meal, reaping from a garden, learning a foreign language..etc)
Fundraiser ___K walk
First Job
Having a baby
First house
First move
First gray hair (okay--this isn't such a great one)
For our men-beard/mustache/voice change
Made it through a Bible reading Genesis-Revelation

Are we thinking outside the box? 

Over 5,000 students graduated this night
Photo by Mary Vee

We won't necessarily throw a party or gather the entire family together to celebrate some graduations but we sure can be happy and thrilled that God gave us this moment. 

I am convinced that all of us have graduated from something this year. I know I have. Let's see: 

I was a finalist in a writing contest. 
I have read twenty-five books this year so far
I planted wildflowers in a garden I've sorely neglected in the past
I gave my teen daughter's room a make-over and lived to tell the tale

Yippee! That's four things so far. If I sat here long enough, I hope I would think of more. 

The evening hours-packed stadium
Graduation of University of Arizona students
2015. Photo by Mary Vee

Before you raise the red flag and say God wants us to be humble and not consider these things--think of this: you feel it is good and right to honor those who have graduated, had birthdays, etc...right? Is it not also true that God loves us and gave us whatever to achieve the graduation? Yep He has. 

So go ahead. Have a kudos party honoring God for helping you to graduate. Make a cake. Sing a praise to God. Have chocolate. Get ready for more of your graduations this year.

Your turn: share something you've graduated from this year. Don't be shy. Give us the chance to praise God with you.

This post has been brought to you by the one-word: Kudos-to-God's-Kids


Janice said...

How exciting to read of your daughter's graduation! And what a wonderful field to be in. As for me, I finished an article writing course. Our son has finished two years of his PhD program at Baylor. I have reopened the media center at church as a Christian Reading Room. I continue in efforts to downsize. My son just told me he does not like the word, downsize, because of negative associations in the corporate world. Is there a better word for me to use concerning clearing unused junk from our home? lol

Mary Vee Writer said...

Let's see, a better (assuming positive) word....upgrading, cleansing, debugging, morphing, renewing, enhancing, improving. If your son is like mine, all of those words will get an eye roll in return, LOL