Monday, March 30, 2015

April Fools' - All in Fun

Mary Vee and friend Pepper Basham
Ready for some fun?

Tomorrow is April Fools' Day. This is not a national holiday but is celebrated in Canada, Australia, Brazil, and the United States.

My dad loved April Fools' Day. Actually, he pretty much let any day be a joking day. He had so many creative ideas. Each night at supper time, he'd tell us stories from work. Usually all centered around jokes he had spearheaded. The other stories? Well, the ones someone successfully pulled off on my dad, of course!

My dad didn't like birthday cakes. Usually we ordered pizza for his birthday cake. He loved it. One year, Mom brought out a traditional cake with tons of lit candles dotting the top. We sang happy birthday and he made a sour face. "Now, Bill," Mom said. "Let the kids celebrate your birthday."
Mary Vee's photo

He reeled in his disappointment and blew out the candles. Mom handed him the cake cutting knife and grabbed plates. He pressed the tip into the center of the yummy looking cake. The knife didn't sink at all. He took both hands and pushed harder. Dad worked up a sweat and never plunged the knife into the cake more than an inch. He pulled the knife out of the cake and with it--toilet paper. 

Yes, Mom made Dad a toilet paper birthday cake. It was his favorite birthday cake ever!!

Dad taught us to always be honored when someone pulled a joke on us. "It means they thought of you and knew you could take it."

Of course there is a difference between a joke and destruction. 

My hubby is a practical jokester, too. One day, friends of his broke into our van and filled it with wet leaves. Needless to say I was not a happy camper. The van stank for months after we cleaned it out. I knew they didn't mean to cause a stench, but it was a joke I didn't appreciate.

I did find a lot of humor in the candy my students shared with me. I had never eaten a Warhead. They had. They crowded around me as I popped the treat in my mouth. I could tell something would happen and hoped I could surprise the kids by not letting it effect me. Not so. The sour punch whacked my tastebuds like a nuclear bomb. The kids laughed for a good five minutes!

Have fun on April Fools' Day. Be safe.

And if someone pulls a joke on you...remember, they thought of you and knew you could take it. Laugh. 

I am convinced God has a sense of humor. We know he laughs, sings, and joys over us. Good grief, we must bring him plenty of material to laugh at, right?

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Heather Marsten said...

LOL on the toilet paper birthday cake. I have an April Fool's joke I almost pulled, but it got snowed out. I was Den Mother for a Cub Scout troop that was meeting April 1. I found a puzzle "Can you find ten things different between these two pictures?" I made two xeroxes of one of the pictures and planned to hand it to the boys. I was anticipating telling them April Fool's, there are no differences, the pictures were exactly the same. Joke was on me, it snowed and our meeting was cancelled. If you want, feel free to use the joke.

Mary Vee Writer said...

Yah, know, Heather, that is an awesome idea!! I think I will. That is so funny!