Monday, February 9, 2015

I Saw From A Newbie's Point of View

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I went to a new-to-me class this week. 

Throughout our lives we have those first time moments. First time at a restaurant, a Bible study, a retreat, a vacation spot, a house, etc. 

I walked in the building where the new-to-me class would be held, unsure of where I needed to go, and followed the trail of lights. Halfway down the hall I heard the voices of others who'd arrived earlier. I followed the sound and was wonderfully greeted.

The spacious room seemed inviting for everyone who wanted to come.

The instructor set her things down and walked over to me. She gave me the instructions and connected me with one of the gals. Joining felt easy. I laughed at the friendly jokes, participating as seemed appropriate for a newbie.

The class then came together for a group activity. Fun music played in the background. Friends chattered. We all worked hard.

Thirty minutes later we repeated the first activity which was done at an individual pace. One lady walked with me. She asked a few questions, the usual ones we ask to get to know each other. I told her the wonderful things I'd seen in the organization. Her smile drooped and she became rather grumpy.

Everything I pointed out as something good, she countered with a reason why their organization did not do it well. When we finished this independent activity she seemed to stay away from me. 

I felt sorry for her. 

Every organization has faults. The only perfect place is heaven. Between now and when we go to heave we'll see problems, grumpy people, faults, mistakes, etc. in the groups we participate. 

So today's focus will be for us to remember. Remember the good of the organizations we belong to. 

Is there a grumpy pants at church that bothers you? Remember when you first met him or her and the times you thought he/she was funny, important, classy, friendly, etc?

Is there a change in the women's Bible study that bothers you? Remember when you first went and loved how the ladies clinged to the Word of God? Maybe they still are, just in a different way.

Is there a family member who has changed? Remember when they gave you that great Christmas present so many years ago? Maybe they are sick, or have some inner hurt.

Is there a restaurant that has a new pushy waitress? Remember that scrumptious meal you ate months ago? Perhaps a kind word to her might help her treat you kind.

Is there a vacation spot that has rebuilt or changed the design? The buildings aren't the same. The view is different. The choices you loved are gone. Remember how wonderful you once thought it was? Now as a renewed newbie you might rediscover some exciting aspects.

Let's take the challenge to remember how wonderful our special places and people are. How much they once meant to us and recommit to help them be the best they can be for others. Let's throw away our grumpy pants and flash those pearly whites.

This post has been brought to you by the one-word: Remember


Janice said...

I love this post!!! It has meaning for me as I am working to revive our church media center into a Christian Reading Room.

I have been doing Twitter a lot lately and not had as much time for blogs. Miss being here!

Mary Vee Writer said...

I've missed you too, Janice, but am so happy you came today.