Monday, February 23, 2015

Being Who We Really Are

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I caught a portion of the 2015 Grammys this year and was intrigued with one of the comments made by a winner. 

He said something like, "I tried everything to get my music noticed. I tried to lose weight..." then he listed a few other things he'd tried that I didn't get written down before I forgot them. But each item was a worthy pursuit to get his music noticed by the audience...sort of. 

The conclusion of his comment was, "It wasn't until I stopped all those things and started being who I really am that I finally succeeded."

Everyone likes to be noticed. It gives us a sense of worth. Worth fulfills a purpose to life.

There are time, I must admit, when I don't feel any worth. Does anyone care that I did this or that? When these feelings hit, we aren't looking for a grandiose party recognizing our efforts, we want 

someone to say something to us. 
someone to take the time to call
a child to draw a picture

So many simple things feed our need to have a worth. Yet somedays no one seems to notice.

We could cry
Get grumpy
Take a Calgon Moment and get far away from the world

or we could search our hearts for someone who needs us to 

say something nice to
take the time to call
send an unexpected small gift

It truly is amazing how much giving the very thing we want can sooth our own needs. When the recipient responds with a smile, or a perky voice or a thank you...ii's like receiving a bouquet of your favorite flowers, fireworks lighting the night sky, balloon floating.

God's Word says Adam should not be alone so He created Eve. God's Word says in the New Testament that we should meet with others, don't be alone.

When your lack of worth meter hits a ten, go, do not delay, find someone who needs the attention you hunger for and give it to them. You'll find you receive back more than what you every hoped.

This post has been brought to you by the one-word: Worth

What do you crave when your lack of worth meter is too high?

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