Monday, January 19, 2015

How to Focus 2015 Into One-Word

Last week we discussed choosing one words for this year. Last year I chose:

I think God gave me many opportunities to practice. Opportunities I'm thankful for.

For any of you who put your word in the comment section last week or in the weeks to come, I will send you a copy of the One-Word certificate below with your name and word for you to print out as long as you include your email address. 

Here is my one word for 2015:

I chose the word driven because I've been feeling rather lazy lately. It's cold. Great ideas pop in my head, I make plans and at the end of the day, only a few have happen. I want to be driven to serve God. 

Okay, time for some God shine driven. I really don't want to waste a single day that God has blessed me with or a single task. The Bible says our time is like a breath. That means I need to do better with each day serving Him the best I can.

Am I off to a perfect start? Nope. Is God helping me? Yep.

Here are some ways I hope to be working on this year's one-word

Driven to being a good mom.
Driven to being a good wife.
Driven to clean my house.
Driven to spend a daily personal time with God.
Driven to write a quality posts on this site.
Driven to writing/editing my manuscripts the best they can be.
Driven to completing one new manuscript this year.
Driven to learn more about the writing craft.

LOL-The more I listed, the more I thought of to add to my list.

So, now it's your turn.

Consider the one word you'd chose. Your homework: make a list of ways your one word can be morphed into every area of your life.

Remember the purpose of the one-word is to bring growth to your life. MISTAKES ARE ALLOWED. God is more than happy to help us all year long. Be persistent. If you make a mistake….try again. 

Your turn: 
How can your one-word be used in random situations (like my list above). Your suggestion could help someone else, so please comment.


Angie Quantrell said...

My word for 2015 is Believe. I made a list after I looked at yours. It really helps. All of those "Believe..." statements peg the focus for me. Such as "I believe in simple foods for better health" and "I believe in my faith in Jesus Christ. I might not understand it all, but I believe it." and "I believe in God's writing plan for my life." Those are just a few. The more I wrote down, the more that came to me. Good stuff.

Mary Vee Writer said...

Excellent idea! I love your list. That is one you could make a really long list for.