Sunday, November 30, 2014

My Christmas Story Present To You

The advent season will started yesterday, Sunday. This is one of my favorite times of year.

Most of us have either started our Christmas shopping or at least thought about starting it. 

I always wonder what to get someone. I don't want to rob a bank to get expensive gifts, but I want the impact of the present to be just as powerful.

Some of the best presents given to me were handmade. By the way, guys can make some pretty great presents, too. My hubby has handcrafted our coffee table and several other nice pieces of furniture in our house. 

Kids can handcraft great gifts, too. Our family has made many Christmas presents for relatives. One of my favorite was the shadowbox. Every place we went for weekend camping that year, our family gathered unique plants, driftwood, or some other form of nature, dried/cleaned it then filled the shadowboxes that also had been handcrafted by our family. Talk about the ultimate mess making-fun family-feel good projects!

I also love to give everyone gifts. I'm the kind who sits in the chair in the corner and watches everyone open their gifts. To me, that is more thrilling than opening my own gifts.  Which is very much on the greedy side--I have learned. I have to force my introvert self to step out of the shell, open the gifts given to me and then reward the giver with the smile and hug and thank you they deserve.

Still, giving is my favorite part of the Christmas season. Celebrating Jesus' birthday is ultimate.   

And YOU are on my list. For you, I can be the introvert, make my gift with a bundle full of love, and watch you open it. This will be fun.

As I pondered what to give you, I considered last year's gift. I wrote a Christmas story for all my readers. The talk around the Internet told me it was a good idea and worthy of doing again. (If you'd like to read last year's story, "Purple Memories",  here are the links to the chapters:  Chapter 1 Chapter 2  Chapter 3  Chapter 4  Chapter 5   Chapter 6)

"Purple Memories" is a family Christmas story that takes place at the in-laws house. A purple ribbon holds the secret to a question long forgotten.

On Wednesday of this week, chapter 1 of this year's story "The Christmas Card Mystery" will be posted. Be sure to stop by and open your gift. This is the time when it is okay to open your gifts early. ;) 

If you could have one special being no object, and dreams  allowed, what would that gift be?

Having trouble answering that question?...I must admit, I'd have to think about it. Instead, maybe you can answer this--What one special gift...from your whole life, would you say was your favorite Christmas present?

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