Sunday, November 9, 2014

Veterans Day- The Sacrifice For Others

Today we give honor to our veterans

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What will we be doing today? 

Go to work. Read or listen to the news. Buy a few items at the store. Talk to a friend or family member on the phone. Catch up on social media. Do some chores at home, 

Life walks by. 

And it can.

Thankfully thousands of soldiers from the American Revolution to the military actions today have and are giving their lives to protect us.

Not everyone enters the military with the intent to give their life for their country, yet many find themselves in this position. Bullet whiz by. Land mine explodes. One soldier sees another injured and helps him. Another signals danger.

There is nothing glamorous about war. Soldiers from the past didn't know me, neither do soldiers who serve today.

Yet the result of their service is a gift to all Americans. One that allows us to go about our daily lives in peace.

Years ago, God sent his Son, Jesus, to go to battle to rescue us. We'd fallen into a mire with no hope or way of rescue. Jesus fought the fierce battle at Calvary and clearly had the edge. His victory gave us the freedom to choose heaven.

Jesus understands the hardships of battle. He knows the meaning of sacrifice and loss of life. And despite our sins, He listens and helps. Warns and protects. Comforts and encourages.

How did we start our day today? The alarm rang, we showered, dressed in clean clothes, ate breakfast, and went to work.

All the while the earth continued to turn, gravity functioned, the sun kept the temperature at a level we need, the water cycle, web of life, and other necessary functions for survival worked as God designed them to. 

To all the men and women who have and are serving in the United States military: Thank you for the freedoms you have insured for us.

To God, Thank you for taking care of us, listening, and providing the way for our eternal life.

Do you know someone who has served or is currently serving? Please honor them by putting either their first name and branch of service, or their connection to you in the comment section.

I'll start:
My dad - Army
My husband - Air Force
My brother - Marines
My brother-in-law - Navy

Let's honor those you know, too:


Aerykah said...

Fred (grandpa) - Army
Leroy (grandpa) - Army
Otto (uncle) - Navy
Verdell (uncle) - Air Force
Kenneth (uncle) - Army
Emzla (uncle) - Air Force

These are all retired...

Mary Vee Writer said...

...and appreciated.

Thank you Aerykah. And thank you to your family.

Unknown said...

Cousin Giovanni Bianchi -Marine and now out and training to be a cop.
Grandpa Walther -world war 2 and has passed
Grandpa Bianchi - world war 2 and have passed
Tony Bianchi -Army and still in
Damond D -Navy retired

Mary Vee Writer said...

Wow, what a blessing your family has been to all of us. Thank you.