Sunday, November 16, 2014

Then He Smiled At Me

To me the holiday seasons officially begins when the radio stations start playing Christmas music AND snow is on the ground.

Well, the holidays have begun here.

The radio is playing Christmas music in the background and light flakes of gentle falling snow are sprinkling. (I took this photo seconds ago) To top off the lightness in my heart, I am writing this on Sunday. God's day. What more could I ask?

What a huge contrast from yesterday. The drive to visit my mother takes 3 hours, typically. I sat in a parking lot on the expressway (I75) behind millions of semis, pick ups, and cars. We sat so long I turned the engine off, which made me cold. I played ten games of solitaire while sitting. (I hate sitting) Eventually the traffic rolled forward inch by pokey inch. Hours dragged slower than the night before Christmas. 

The car heater dried out my sinuses, and of course I forgot to bring something to drink. 

Last night, my sinuses told me what they thought about the whole me...they were NOT happy. 

To top off my unhappy muscles begging to get out of the car and my not being able to breathe well, I didn't receive some hopeful news. The results of a writing contest had been announced. I am so happy that one of my friends did get the word....but I didn't. 

That's when I melted like a snowman in June. My rough and tough, keep the chin up, buck up, move forward attitude was a puddle of water.

Like Elijah who just lost it in the wilderness after running scared from Jezebel, God knew I needed something happy to yank me away from my pit of despair. 

My teen daughter came home from work later that night. She asked to watch a favorite show of ours. We laughed--well, I sorta did. For her sake. Then I told her about the news I didn't hear. 

Without skipping a beat she rattled off the perfect funny line and tagged on her beautiful smile. She reached her arms around me and gave me a hug.

That was all it took. 

The funk disappeared. Poof.

I am no fool. I know the author of that moment. 

God used my sweet teen to give me exactly what I needed. 

I had a few extra minutes this morning to do this post. I didn't have to ask God for an idea. He gave it to me when "The Little Drummer Boy" played on radio station in the background. The drummer boy had no gift except his tune. And then He smiled at him. Bah rum pah pah pum.

I may not have placed in the writing contest, but God is still willing to smile at me.

And He is smiling at you, too. No matter what is happening. Good, bad, or just down right stinky. 

God loves us.

I hope you have a sunny, spring in your shoe day.


Unknown said...

Thank you, Mary! Thank you for being I know I am not alone! Praying your day, your week, is full to overflowing with His joy, His peace, His love! (Praying this for both of us!)
Kelly Y

Caryl Kane said...

Hello Mary! Thank you for sharing life with us. I pray the Lord would greatly encourage you this week.


Mary Vee Writer said...

What a sweet comment. Thank you. I'll be praying for you, too.

Mary Vee Writer said...

Thank you Caryl. I feel so blessed already.

Janice said...

You already received a Christmas gift from God! Joy in the midst of sadness. God is ever so good, 24/7. In His timing He will make your work be more fruitful. Keep pressing ahead knowing He is cheering you onward because you are His beloved daughter. Blessings, Janice

Mary Vee Writer said...

Good words, Janice. Thanks :)