Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Preparing for Our Loved Ones

Do you have your thanksgiving plans all in order? We have one week left.

Neither do I.

Holidays are the events I generally never consider plans complete even as we sit down to celebrate. If I did, I might close the door on someone who at the last minute is able to come. Perhaps a family member is not able to leave for their destination and needs to stay another night.

My daughter and I discussed the menu, we included favorites, some she didn't like (yams), and some I didn't like (three bean casserole). But each item is loved by someone who might be here for Thanksgiving.

Boyfriends, girlfriends, anyone in need of a family willing to share Thanksgiving is invited. 

I love a crowded kitchen, raising a bowl of mashed potatoes over the head of someone who walked into my path, every burner on the stove in use, every inch of counter space occupied with preparations, conversation, laughing, singing. This is Thanksgiving.

Extra chairs are brought from every corner of the house, including the dreaded pinching chair (one of those old wooded folding chairs that always snaps when someone sits the wrong way), the stools, desk chairs, and piano bench. The table is opened to the max and two table clothes are needed to cover the entire surface. There isn't room for all the food so biscuits and cranberry sauce are set on the little antique dresser grandma gave me.

While last minute preparations are made, someone plays the piano, usually a few verses of Heart and Soul and other silly songs. It takes a loud whistle to call everyone to the table.

We crowd around the table and wait for my husband to give the blessing. Every voice is quite. Every head bowed.

Once the Good Lord receives our gratitude, the bowls and platters are passed and the conversation starts again. 

I prefer the white meat and cranberry sauce, then go light on the other goodies. 

The bowls are emptied and stomachs are full, but who can't squeeze in a piece of pie? 

Jesus said He is preparing a place for us. We are also told there will be a banquet in heaven. Sometime life gets disturbing and wears our spirits down. We ask, why won't Jesus hurry and come back for us?

The answer is this: because He is waiting for the last person who is willing to come. The last one who will accept God's gift. He knows who that person is. Maybe it is a loved one of yours from the future.

For God so loved the world that He gave His only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have eternal life.  

This post has been brought to you by the  one word: Preparation

How about you, are you prepared for Thanksgiving?


Unknown said...

What a precious post, Mary... such a sweet reminder that our Savior is preparing a place for us! Thank you! Much needed this morning!

I am not prepared for Thanksgiving. I haven't even sat down to write the menu, though I make the same things most years. I'm looking forward to having at least seven extras in the house this year! I love hosting and filling people's bellies! :)

Thank you, again! Blessings!
Kelly Y

Mary Vee Writer said...

Hi Kelly,
We tend to make the same things, too. I'm trying to think of one thing we've stopped making.....well, we've toyed with the stuffing and settled on the winning Vee recipe.

I sure hope you have fun with your guests!!