Sunday, November 2, 2014

Choosing Up Sides

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In elementary school we often had moments when teams would be picked by the kids. Recess, gym, academic games, and etc.

Two from the group had the honor of being named captains. Each captain would take turns picking one person from the group to be on their team until the last person had been chosen.

And yes, the last person--who frequently was me--was chosen. I had a team to participate on. No one had to sit on the side because neither team picked them.

The captains never said, "Well, I see my choices. I really don't feel like picking a person so I'll just sit out." 

Tall, fat, skinny, short, athlete, brainiac, slow, you name it, the captain chose one person then waited to choose another person.

To be picked captain was an honor. 

This person could create their team from the kids standing before her.

The goal, know the kids and pick the best for the job first.

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Tuesday is election day. I'm always amazed how many people choose not to vote. We have each been given the right to be captains. To go to the voting booth and look at the list of candidates then choose our team. 

Some voters will say they don't know who to vote for, and therefore choose not to vote. Yet this same person knew their classmates well enough in elementary school to pick the top speller, the fastest runner, the artist, the organizer, etc. to help their team win.

My biggest pet peeve? Those who choose not to vote feel they have a right to complain about the outcome.



If we don't vote, we don't have the right 
to complain about the outcome.

Whether you know enough to vote for one office, one issue, or more, pull your coat out of the closed, stuff a snack in your pocket, and go to the polls. 

And when you have finished, proudly wear the little sticker--I have voted.

What do you think? 

Sigh, I need a howdy-doo from you, then I'll feel better.


Valri said...

I have already voted, Mary! In Oregon we have mail-in balloting only! My hubby and I do this early and just "get it done". I'll be glad when tomorrow is over. I get so tired of the negative advertising and the bickering!

Mary Vee Writer said...

I totally agree. The mudslinging gets rather fierce and appears in all forms of media constantly until the election is over.

Mary Vee Writer said...

Drove four hours to get home in time to vote. So glad it worked out. And I was able to sign hubby and daughter up for absentee ballots for next time.