Sunday, October 26, 2014

We Did It!

Each year our family has a goal to not turn on the furnace before October 20th. Here in the north that can be quite a challenge, and one we have failed in the past. 

We've piled on blankets at night, layered up in sweaters during the day, and have chosen something to make for dinner that helps to warm the house. Last night we had chili. Love that word, so ironic.

To prepare for the golden moment when the furnace would be given the go-ahead, we changed the filter and tested the equipment. Good thing we did. The blower wouldn't come on. The repairman replaced the switch and told us we were good to go. I turned the thermostat off after he left and went back to our routine. 

This morning I got up and felt so proud of our house. Outside temperatures-- thirty degrees. Inside fifty-five. Yeah, house! We made it past October 20th. I must confess, I treated our family to a warm morning. As the only early bird in the house, I turned the thermostat to sixty, took my hot shower, made a hot cup of coffee, and can now chat with you in comfort while my lazybones family sleeps.

God sets goals, too. One of His biggest goals to me, is showing us His love. He knew we would fail in any attempt to get to heaven. We simply cannot do it on our own. He sent His Son, Jesus to take care of all the details. What a loving gift to us. When Jesus returned to heaven, the work began to prepare a place just for those who accepted His gift.

I can't begin to imagine what He has prepared for me. Will it be woodsy? I love woods. Will it be mountainous? I love mountains. Will there be an ocean, lakes, rivers? I love water. 

The one great component that I know will be there is--God. The one who loves us more than anyone ever could. Just the way we are.

Reader-what goal does your family have? God is very goal oriented and loves to see us imitate Him.
Are you saving for a special trip?
Waiting to retire?
Hoping to get married?
Wanting children?
Ready to paint a room in your house (we are currently painting the bathroom)
Working to finish a book (perhaps the Bible?)

Have you reached a goal? We want to rejoice with you--please share.

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