Sunday, October 5, 2014

The Parisian Way of Communicating

Have you ever gone on that vacation...the one that pops in your head when you hear a song, see someone do something, smell a certain scent? Yeah. Me too. I have several vacations that are definitely on the memorable list.

Photo by Mary Vee

Today's memory is brought to you by the vacation sponsor: Paris.

I just can't help revisiting my trip to Paris and bursting with interesting tid bits to share with you.

Today I want to talk about cell phones. 

Here in America, we have a fetish for our cell phones. Didn't you see someone using theirs this morning? Yep, me too. Hubby wanted to cut the lawn. Plump gray and blue clouds were swirling in the sky. Will it rain? He whipped out his cell phone to check the weather report. VoilĂ . No rain. (hmmm we'll see if this is really true.)

Oddly enough, during my visit, I didn't see a single Parisian with a cell phone. It's true! I assume they had them, but they didn't walk about the city with their cell phone held to their ear. 

They didn't walk up to a cashier talking on their phone while cashing out their order. 
They didn't chat/text on the subway. 
They don't have earbuds, listening to their devices.
The children didn't carrying devices and watch/listen to them while standing in the long line to go up the Eiffel tower.

Do you know what they did????

They talked to the person next to them.
They read books. Real paper books, the kind you hold in your hand.
They napped
They stared off into the distance.
They laughed with the person sitting across from them at a cafe.
The parents talked with the children giving them instructions and answering their questions 
The children talked/laughed with the parents.

This, of course, didn't imply they don't have all these wonderful devices. They simply didn't have them out as a norm.

I'm not pointing a finger. If I did, four would be pointing back at me. LOL. 

I just was so amazed at how the Parisians took the time to talk with each other, face to face.

Sure, I can think of about one hundred Bible/God applications to this one. But I am going to let you this time. 

How can today's post relate to a relationship with God?

If you are stuck, no problem. I haven't had my morning coffee yet either. Simply comment a howdy-do. I love to chat with you.

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