Sunday, October 19, 2014

Inviting Others to Our Table

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In the hotel breakfast area a young woman ate her breakfast. She stood to get a cup of coffee and saw someone. She called out to the person. 

Immediately, anyone listening could tell this woman was not a native English speaking person. Her dark brown hair, medium skin complexion, and eastern European accent made me think she might be Romanian or from some country close to there.

She used her arms to invite the person to her table. Although, I didn't hear him say anything he must have communicated "no". She didn't quit, in fact her enthusiasm bubbled. She picked up her breakfast plate and set it on a table located between them. "We come here?" She moved her arm in a circle over the table. "Big table?"

He came from around the corner carrying his laptop and books. He smiled warmly at her. The two set their materials on the table. It took a few minutes to hear what the lesson was about to be. He first mentioned a math problem, but then helped her with English pronunciation and vocabulary.

The teacher and student proceeded with their one-on-one lesson.

While watching them work I though of a setting quite the opposite. Two thousand years ago, God knew we could not go to Him to learn His ways. We all had sin. There had to be a different place for us to meet. So God sent His Son Jesus to come here. He patiently taught a godly language, godly ways, the culture of God, and so much more. He took His time and patiently used many means to communicate thoroughly and completely to each individual He taught.

For those of us who are living after Jesus' physical visit, He chose writers to record the events and words exactly as He wanted them so we too could have His instruction at any time.

Jesus smiled and laughed. He cried and was tired. He understands what we feel and longs to help those who want to learn to understand Him.

We all are like the foreign woman I saw. We all need to learn God's language in order to survive in His world. Unfortunately, not everyone is willing to learn.

As I am typing this I am looking at the student and teacher. The woman put on her glasses, has her hand on her chin and is intently listening. The teacher is dramatizing sounds with his lips and drinking coffee. She looks at him as he explains. His spirit is gentle and kind. Repeating his message often.

Jesus is willing to do all of this and more for us.

Like the woman in the story above we should invite Jesus to our table.

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