Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The Childlike Question

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Kids have such a purity to their comments. The filter isn't there for them, so sometimes the words may come out harsh or too silly to be sincere.

What I love is to hear their questions. Especially when the question is blurted out while others are talking. Sure the child should have waited, but in truth, his mind is so busy, he might have forgotten what he wanted to say.

Last Wednesday, I told the story of Hannah and baby Samuel. Kids love stories about heroes and they love stories about babies. We lullabied the baby doll to sleep so I could finish the story. Their sweet young voices showed a genuine sincerity to help the baby rest. 

The hero of this story? Well, Hannah, of course. She asked God for a child, groaning from the depths of her soul. Eli, the priest mistook her sincerity for drunkenness. Hannah boldly told him about her prayer requesting a child and her promise to give the child back to God to serve Him. In faith, Hannah believed God would answer her prayer.

I told the children God spoke to Hannah and let her know He would give her a child.

A kindergarten boy who sat in the front row blurted out, "How did He do that?"

Wow! What a great question!

"Well, let's say you had a spelling test at school. You practiced with your mom at home and prayed for God to help you do your best. But when the teacher said, spell cat you couldn't remember the letters. You closed your eyes and suddenly the letter "c" popped in your head. You wrote down the "c" and closed your eyes again. Suddenly the letter "a" popped in your head. So you wrote down the letter "a" and closed your eyes again. Then the letter "t" popped in your head. You wrote down the letter "t" and looked at your work. God is the one who told you the correct letters to write."

He looked to the side as if thinking about what I said. Then twirled his fingers and said, "Oh." 

Whether he fully understood, I don't know, but I hope he keeps asking questions.

God LOVES when we ask questions. He will always answer in the perfect way for us to understand. The more we ask, the more we show Him we are listening, learning, and interested in HIm.

So, let's ask some questions today. Maybe someone from our group will know the answer. Maybe God will show you the answer in another way.

Let's see. I'll start with my latest question I have been pondering. During the years David was running from Saul, he kept hidden with his band of sympathizers. This was no small group of men. What did they do with their days? They couldn't stay in one place and grow crops or Saul would have found them. What were they doing when not battling against the Israelite enemies.


Janice said...

I have wondered how Samuel could have let his sons become so unruly and basically evil. Was Samuel an absentee father, basically so engaged with his spiritual pursuits that he was not available to give his sons direction and discipline?

Janice said...

I've also wondered how all those men with David could remain hidden. It is difficult enough for one or two to be hidden, but that many? I guess David could have traveled in disguise hidden among them?

Mary Vee Writer said...

That's a good possibility. The men wouldn't necessarily need to hide. Only David did.

Mary Vee Writer said...

Good question. Hubby and I looked this up and considered maybe God allowed these boys to stay wayward to test the elders of Israel. As a result of the boys wayward ways the elders pushed to have a king--without considering God could have and would have provided a godly man to do the job Samuel's boys chose not to do. Just like He provided Samuel when Eli's boys failed.

Janice said...

Oops! I meant Eli in my question. I am a bit scatter brained since my husband has been in the hospital lately. He is out now. He is also using the nicotine patch to stop smoking. Prayers, please!

Mary Vee Writer said...

Actually, Samuel's sons had basically repeated what Eli's sons did. So saying either one would have worked.

I'm happy to pray for your husband.