Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Missing the Big Things?

Photo by Mary Vee

Walking through the Chicago O'Hara airport amused me. The terminal connecting B and C has a color show with coordinated music. It seemed to be the one place few people ran to get where they were going. 

Although the lights were over my head, the colors and sound enveloped me with the same calming effect I presume others experienced.

On the other side of this tunnel, an escalator transported travelers up one level. I felt lost and walked to the first sign for directions. 

Next to the sign was an odd piece of art, something we might see in the front of a federal building or in a modern art museum. It stood as tall as me. I shrug the meaningless shape off and continued looking for the directions I needed.

I read the sign, turned back toward the odd art piece to walk toward my gate. The farther I walked, the more the odd piece of art seemed to grow before my eyes. I looked toward the mammoth ceiling and discovered the art piece was a dinosaur. 

I'm not sure if I was more distracted, or so out of my element I didn't observe the huge dinosaur watching over the terminal.

Sometimes we become so consumed with our needs, wants, thoughts, and agendas that we miss a big picture item right in front of our nose. Thankfully, God gives us time to take a few steps away from our issue to see what is really there.

Take a few moments to consider if you are missing something that needs you more than the other details on your list. If you can't see anything, take a moment and pray. Ask God if you need to notice something, change directions, etc.

Photo by Mary Vee

Maybe you are part of the big picture that we, the other readers here, need to notice. Is there something we can pray for you? Rejoice with you?


Unknown said...

Hey Maryvee,

I wanted to let you know that I was in that airport last Tuesday coming home from NY. That is so cool that you were there.

Mary Vee Writer said...

I love coincidences!