Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Book Review- A Home at Trail's End by Melody Carlson

Sometimes I like to snuggle with a down-home cozy read, don't you?

I found the perfect book for this occasion. And to sweeten the pie, the story is set in autumn.

Melody Carlson's book, A Home at Trail's End, is a delightful story in the same fashion as Little House on the Prairie and Anne of Green Gables. The only difference is the story focuses on the adults instead of the children.

Set in the frontier days, Elizabeth and her children arrive near the Pacific coast after a long journey on the Oregon Trail. She is anxious to plan her wedding to the handsome Eli Kincaid, and thankfully, he chose to hang up his wagon trail scouting hat to settle down in the same Oregon territory.

Elizabeth had brought a hired hand, a freed slave, to help her on the journey, but laws in the new community prevented blacks from becoming new residents. More than anything she wants to help him start his own life nearby by first building a cottage. She needs to be cautious though. If anyone sees him there, both of them could be in serious trouble.

Deciding what to do to protect him becomes difficult when she also choses to help hide a single Indian woman and her child. Rumors circulated in the community abut the violence committed against any Indian seen and those helping them. While her heart fears for her children's safety, Elizabeth felt a strong urge to help the needy. 

No one ever said life in the new frontier would be easy. Elizabeth had her fair share of difficulties, some from her own doing. She hopes Eli is the one God has sent to help establish her family in a rugged new land.

Melody Carlson has woven a delightful story, one that can be shared with the family as a nice read. Consider checking out this story.

Do you like cozy reads?
What cozy book have you read?

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