Sunday, August 31, 2014

To Every Hard Worker

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To every hard worker anywhere, not just in the United States, we wish you blessings.

This is the day which has been set aside to remember the work you do to pay your bills, keep the economy going by producing salable items, working in service oriented areas, entertainment, and all the many other areas of work.

May your enjoy a day with your family and thanking God for his blessings.

Should you need to go to the store or use a service today where someone is working, be sure to thank them.

And now...enjoy 
those barbecued dinners
the last dip in the pools
the parades
the outdoors
bike rides
sitting on the beach
chatting around the dinner table
baseball games
apple pie
and sleeping in

....for tomorrow we go back to work. 

             And that is very good. 

                   There are many men and women who don't have a job or can't find work. 

Think about the good in your job when you go tomorrow...and thank God.

This post has been brought to you by the one-word: Work

Reader, of all the jobs you have done whether volunteer or paid, which was your favorite?

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