Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Stranded Without a Clue

Photo we took of the Arc d'Triomphe from
the top of the Hop on Hop off bus.

The Hop On Hop Off Bus is a sightseeing bus that takes tourist around a city. 

Tourists can ride these double decker buses and listen to information about special attractions like the Louvre. If a person wants, they can "hop off" the bus and go to the attraction then "hop on" the next bus that comes along the route.

One late afternoon we rode the Hop On Hop Off. We had stopped at several attractions earlier in the day, getting back on the sightseeing bus each time. We had been warned ahead of time to ask when the last bus would come to insure we had a way back to our hotel.

When we stepped off to visit the Arc d' Triomphe, I asked the driver, "When will the last bus come?"

"7:30," he said.

7:30 pm Arc d'Triomphe
photo by Mary Vee
We crossed the street, watched a ceremony to the unknown soldier, and climbed the stairs to the top. We watched the time and returned to the bus stop at 7:17pm. One of our red Hop On Hop Offs pulled up to the stop. We stepped in line and discovered the bus would only go to the next stop that evening. The driver insist we not get on board.


Evening came and we were far from our hotel. At the time, we'd not mastered the Paris subway system, were hungry, and our feet were sore.  We walked three blocks to a McDonalds to get some food and to think about what to do.

There seemed to be only one table left open in the crowded fast food restaurant, and it only sat two people. While eating our meal, the tables next to us became available to a group of young teens. Surprisingly, a man who seemed to be their leader said in English, "Who will pray for the food?"

The teen sitting next to us led their group in a heartfelt prayer. We realized God let us sit next to a missions team that had come from American. After finishing our meal we stopped to talk with the teens. We encouraged them and they encourage us. 

After leaving McDonalds, hubby saw an entrance to the subway. We had a few more bumps in the adventure, but God helped us find our way back to the hotel that night.

God knew we needed not only physical food and rest, but also the fellowship of people who spoke the same language and loved Him. Once we were refreshed, He was able to show us the way back to our hotel.

God is good. 

Even when we are tired, God is ready and willing to help.

Can we pray for you today?
Or do you have a blessing to share?
How about take a moment to say howdie do and enjoy some virtual snacks. What would you like?


Becca-expressions said...

Oh...I'm sorry you got stranded, but what a wonderful "God moment". My daughter and I were in Paris a few months ago. We loved every minute of our time there.

Mary Vee Writer said...

It was a God moment, um...after the panic, and hubby's quick thinking it turned into a moment of great adventure. Clearly, God put the answer in hubby's head. Boy, am I glad!

Still we did have an fantastic time in Paris, too. What was your favorite place to go?