Monday, September 15, 2014

Life Moves at a Different Pace in Paris

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During our one-week stay in Paris, we rushed to get up in the mornings, hurried down to the quaint breakfast area of our hotel then briskly walked to whatever sight we wanted to see.

Each morning we passed so many cafes on our way to the subway or bus or walkway. Seriously, there seemed to be a cafe on each corner. And each cafe had fifty percent of the seating outside under an extended roof. 

One morning we left our hotel around seven. We walked a block and passed the first cafe. Two men sat across from each other, engaged in what seemed like a political discussion. 

I couldn't understand the French and only assumed. But you know what two people look like when they have these types of conversations. They leaned their body forward to make their point then sit back when satisfied they won...until the other person leaned forward and countered the thought. As they spoke, their hands moved to emphasize certain words. Of course their eyes also engaged in the conversation going from wide-eyed passion to slitty-knowing. I found them very amusing, but only laughed inside.

At another cafe, a group of businessmen sat with their morning coffee in one hand and in the other, cards fanned so only they could see what they had. A fun game before work? Nice.

Few Parisians live in homes like we are accustomed to. Most live in small apartments not suitable for having guest. Instead, they meet at cafes, restaurants, and pubs. While other businesses are closed in the early morning and into the evening, the cafes have their doors open. Come in. Meet friends. Relax. Talk about philosophy, politics, etc. Play a game. Sit back and have coffee until you have to go home.

Life runs at a different pace in Paris. 

What seemed different to me was the emphasis on meeting others in person and relaxing before and after the work day. 

God says in His Word, He desires for us to gather together. To fellowship. To commune with Him. To not be alone. When I have allowed myself to be alone for too long, and too long can vary from an hour to days depending on my needs, I feel sleepy, lonely, sad...all these negative feelings that are craving for company. At these times, God nudges me with opportunities to be with others.

How about you? Do you need to meet with someone-in person-not on FB or email?

Could you call someone and talk with them for a time, share your thoughts, hear their voice, and know that you are not alone?

Maybe you know someone who tends to feel lonely and could really use a visit or call from you. Who can you bless today? Tomorrow?

I hope you have a fun day. And don't forget us here. Leave your howdie-do in the comment section. I enjoy to chatting with you.


J.Grace said...

It sounds so lovely just to relax at a cafe after work.

I think that with FB and text messages many stray away from calling, specially younger generation. Even when it comes to the holidays, I still mail out cards but many are opting to wish them a happy holiday over the internet.

Thanks for posting

Mary Vee Writer said...

I'm so glad you send cards. Even the younger generation feel extra special when they get snail mail that was sent just because they are thought of at that moment. AND believe it or not, they save them and look at them again. Every card you send to any aged person is sure to put a curiosity in their mind, a whip open of the envelope and a special smile on their face. Keep up the good work. God has given you a calling.