Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Busy Days Are Here

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Days are getting busy again.

I woke this morning, and knew I needed to get up. 

Had to be somewhere. 

Needed to share the bathroom with family members. 

Get breakfast going, stir the kids to move.

And I didn't want to.

I am, by nature, a springy morning person. There are those rare mornings when the pillow wins.

I am also a solar powered person. Really. From the moment the sun peeks over the horizon to the last ray of light I am energized. Then, like a flashlight switched off, I peter out.

This morning the skies were gray, blocking the shine part of the sun. BUT the birds were singing. And God blessed me by putting a praise song in my mind. He knows how I am on dark days. The sun may not be brightly shining but God was.

I took my turn in the bathroom, roused the kids, then saw my pillow. Dare I lay down--just for a few more minutes? I did. While I lay there enjoying the relaxation, God brought you to mind. I prayed God's blessings on you. We talked about some of the prayer requests you have shared and I asked him to care for your needs.

Once I leave the house, I'll perk up. Never fails. I'll park my car far from the entrance for the exercise and a chance to sing praise songs to myself as I walk to the door.

As the darkness creeps into the mornings, getting up will get harder to do. I am so thankful God entertains me, keeps thoughts and songs moving in my mind, nudges me to get going and not waste an opportunity to serve and worship Him.

This is the day that the Lord has made. Let us rejoice and be glad in it.

Your turn- 
What prayer request do you have. I will gladly pray for you. 
What blessing do you have. I'd love to join you in thanking God.
If nothing comes to mind...be sure to say howdy-do. I love to chat!

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Unknown said...

Hi Mary,
I was not going to write after I read your blog post, I think I am going too. My day started out going okay, woke up and was waiting for my sister who is a nurse to come home from work at 8:00 am. Well she didn't instead we got a phone call and it was her telling my dad that she had just gotten into a really bad accident, her car is totaled and come to find out the person who hit her was a lady with out a drivers license. My sister went to the ER and had her knee looked at and then sent home. Nothing broken
God is good!!! Today I could have lost one of my best friends
Please pray that my sister will heal quickly with the broozing and also the shock. Thank you.