Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The Answer to Those Moments of Doubt

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A mother, father, and daughter sat in a restaurant. The daughter was about three years old. The little one needed to use the little girl's powder room. Her mother, of course stood and helped the little one to the floor and directed the little girl to walk ahead.

The girl took one step and stopped. Her fingers twirled together and she looked down. The body language clearly said she didn't know where to walk. 

The mother nudged her to take more steps. And although the little girl complied, she stopped often, twirling her fingers and looking down. 

The mother, who seemed like a giant in height compared to the girl, kept her eyes on the direction where they walked, and she didn't seem to glance down at the little girl. I don't think she realized the problem. Neither did she seem annoyed with the girl's frequent hesitation. Maybe mom thought her daughter was playing a game.

They continued walking the long length of the rectangular shaped restaurant with the little girl stepping tentatively and the mother pressing her forward.

When the little girl walked back to her table, she looked ahead. From the far distance (for her short stature) she saw someone familiar. "Daddy!" She suddenly knew where to go. Her concerned eyes turned to sparkly, knowing eyes. She skipped ahead and jabbered away to her mom.

Too often we feel the same uncertainty in our life steps. Even as adults.

But Jesus promises to: 
talk to us, 
hold our hand, 
guide us, 
urge us, 
welcomes us, 
never leave us,
assure us, 
protect us
strengthen us
and so much more.

How is your day going?  Do you need to take a minute and look up into the eyes of the Savior? He's there, listening. Waiting for you to talk to Him.  

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