Sunday, August 17, 2014


Hubby and I had decided not to buy souvenirs while in Paris. Instead, we set aside funds to make a memory book. 

It took two days to make a special memory of our dream trip. Two well invested days. 

I happened to work on my order when the company offered a 50% off discount. This made me super happy because I ended up with twice the pages.

I'm not a great scrapbooker. 

In fact, all my mother's art skills went to my sisters. But--put a reasonable computer program in my hands, one that is sensitive, offers more than I could possibly dream, and offers great discounts, and I'm on board. 

This is the product. Awesome, eh? 

When I finished ordering the book, Shutterfly gave me a chance to let you see it as well!  Wow!

If you are interested in taking a walk through Paris, click on the link and flip through the pages. 

Hubby and I had so much fun in Paris and this book will help remind us of the trip.

Yes, this does sound like a commercial...but it's not, really. I mean, when you find a product that just knocks your socks off, don't you want to share it with your friends?

Having a book to use for a reminder is a tool God taught us to use. He knows we forget and need helps for recalling information. That is why He took time and used selected writers to pen His words for us. Words that would help us in every situation.

Have you noticed in the side bar the first book I listed as my favorite? Without God's words flowing through my mind and heart, I would be miserable.

I trust you have had a chance to read or reflect on God's word today.


Lis K said...

Thank you for sharing your photo book! It was really a treat to see all the sights, I wish I could go *sigh* Do you or your husband speak French or were you able to get around with just English? I wonder who started the tradition with putting a lock on the fence, never heard of that before. And why was your first subway experience an epic fail? Anyway, fun way to start the day, thanks!

Mary Vee Writer said...

Thanks for stopping by today and enjoying our Paris pics with us.

We found we could get around perfectly in Paris speaking English...except the subway. The problem with the subway is they had shut down the number 6 for construction. This is a major line connecting east and west sides of Paris. Of course the Parisians knew how to get around the problem but as visitors we didn't. We were left stranded on the east side of Paris late at night and in this one moment where we couldn't find anyone who spoke English had to really think our way through the problem. What an adventure!

I don't know who started the lock on the fence, but several movies have helped promote it. Also when you get there, street vendors stand on the bridges and sell the locks.

Janice said...

Bravo! Encore! Great job for going down memory lane to revisit God's blessing. Such a marvelous trip.

I do enjoy God's word most every day. I know He loves me and has special things to relate to me daily. He is so good!♡!

Mary Vee Writer said...

God is so good. That is for sure. Okay, how did you put that heart in your text? Fun...I get to learn a new trick.

Janice said...

I am using my smartphone, and it has double symbols. When you presson symbols it brings up 1/2. When you press on the 1/2 it brings up 2/2 and a second bunch of symbols. Here is a sampling: °•○●□■☆★♡♥.
Wordpress has lots of symbols available, too. By doing a left pointed arrow right next to the number three (make sure to put spaces before the arrow and after the three but not in between the arrow and three) you will make a heart.

Mary Vee Writer said...

And that sets up the problem. I'm using a laptop. I'll have to put my techy teen on the problem to see if she can find a way for me to do this with my laptop.