Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Book Review-Kissing Adrien by Siri Mitchell

If you've always dreamed of going to Paris, planning a trip, or have been there and would like to go again, Kissing Adrien is the perfect book for you.

Siri was my guest on March 14, 2014. You can click here  to read her fabulous post. During our email conversations to arrange her guest visit to my website, I learned she has lived in Paris and speaks fluent French! Oh la la! 

I mentioned my plans to go to Paris to her. She told me about her book Kissing Adrien which she set in Paris. Well, having enjoyed other books by Siri, I immediately purchased a copy and delved into the story.

I didn't have a clue that the book would be as spectacular as it was. Using story world, Siri took me through the city streets of Paris, to all the famous and not as well know places to see, we ate meals, and her characters taught me French. Magnifique!

I read Kissing Adrien a second time, just because I enjoyed the story and to take notes in preparation for my trip!

As an added bonus, Siri has a tab dedicated to helping us fledglings decide what to do while in Paris on her website She gives tips what to avoid and how to get to the shorter lines. Here is the link for this great tab: Siri's Tips for Travel in Paris

In Kissing Adrien, Claire has made a simple life in Seattle, working many hours to pay her bills on time. Her wardrobe is comfortable, nothing fancy and her pastor boyfriend treats her like a piece of furniture. Isn't this how everyone lives?

So life seems until Claire's parents send her to Paris to check out an apartment left to their family by a cousin, a cousin with many secrets. Arriving during the holiday season, Claire stays with friends of her family--renewing a friendship with the handsome, flirtatious, and French-culture savvy Adrien while solving the mysteries surrounding her cousin. 

Adrien stays in Paris during his vacation to show Claire not only the sights, but also fashion and the French way of life. He shows her a lifestyle that allows two hour lunch breaks and longer holidays. One is to enjoy this life rather than living a job.

I highly recommend this book. Take a trip to Paris as you turn the pages! I know I did.

I also found this book excellent preparation for my trip. 
Guess where I am while you are reading this!!!! EEeeeeeeeee!!!!!!


Janice said...

Great review! Happy holiday in Paris!

Mary Vee Writer said...

Hi, Janice!!
Waving to you from Paris! :)

Unknown said...

Oh I would love to read this book. Mary, sounds like you are having a wonderful and fun Vacation. So glad that you got to goo to Paris. how long are you there for?

Mary Vee Writer said...

I am having a wonderful time, Thank you, Danie. Right now I have a break, sitting in my hotel room and watching the pouring rain out my window. When it clears, we will head out for another adventure.