Tuesday, August 19, 2014

An Eye Opener at the Château de Versailles

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There are those who, due to their position, should have wealthy places to live. Like many Americans, I have seen the White House and it is a much fancier home than mine.

But I don't mind. 

The president of a country should have a nice place to live. Agreeing with the individual's politics or other views has nothing to do with this special dwelling place. 

I felt proud to walk through the rooms and see where foreign dignitaries are hosted, etc. Nothing seemed garish. All had been tastefully elegant.

The outer court of Versailles Palace
Photo by Mary Vee's hubby

Once upon a time, in the 1600's the Château de Versailles, or the Palace of Versailles, was built on seventeen acres southwest of Paris. French kings and queens lived there, twenty kilometers away from the people.

The Hall of Mirrors
Photo by Mary Vee's hubby

Some have said the kings moved to Versailles because of the plagues in the city. This can be understandable. How can one rule a country if they are dieing of a plague?But the decadence in this palace supersedes any rationalization. 

Every country should have wealthy people, in my opinion. They keep the economy going, fund projects, and, well, I guess it just doesn't bother me. 

One of the rooms in Versailles
Photo by Mary Vee

Versailles was not a home for a wealthy king and queen. I can't begin to imagine what the revolutionaries thought when they stormed the palace and saw all riches, jewels, fine carvings, paintings, dripping from the ceilings down the walls and on to the floors. It had to be much more than they had ever complained about.

Ceiling and chandelier in
one of the rooms
Photo by Mary Vee

This was an eyeopener for me. I felt sad as I walked the halls and stopped to gaze in the enormous rooms. This was more than a king or queen needed to honor their countrymen with a wonderful palace to host others.

No other building, not the magnificent architecture of the Louvre, Notre Dame, Sainte Chappelle, the Opera House, etc, even stood in the ballpark of the Château de Versailles. 

One of three restaurants
in Versailles.
Photo by Mary Vee

Marie Antoinette has been accused of saying "Let them eat cake" after hearing that the people were hungry. There are three small restaurant/cafes in Versailles. We stopped in one and bought a sandwich and chose not to eat cake.

Versailles Chapel, pipe organ center
Photo by Mary Vee

God has given many like Solomon wealth. While his palace was made magnificent, he also rebuilt the temple and the cities. He became a wise judge using the wisdom God gave him and demonstrated the gift with such famous court cases as the two women who both claimed one child as their own.

Chapel Ceiling
Photo by Mary Vee

Heaven is described as a place of wealth. A wealth God, the perfect king has chosen to share with His people to insure we all have what we need. How truly blessed we are to have the Almighty God as king.

Yes, I know...I need to step down from my soap box now. There are some good things that can be said about Versailles. For example: the fine craftsmanship, the colors, the large rooms. It was nice to have seen the palace.

Dining room
Photo by Mary Vee

One friend said something interesting. She has a large family - 12 children. She said it would be nice to have all of her family at the table, together, for one meal. This was the dining table at Versailles. You can see why she'd say that. There are 48 chairs around this table :)

So friend, what would you like to see at Versailles?
Have you seen an ornate building/place?
That's okay to not have an answer, be sure to say your howdie do in the comment though. We love to chat.


Janice said...

Hi, Mary. I am commenting at the office.

I loved this post. It made me feel like I saw the sights with you.

I would like to hear music played, maybe a grand piano, or string quartet while visiting there. I am wondering about how music sounded within those walls and spaces.

Blessings, Janice

J.Grace said...

It looks very impressive. Thanks for posting the pictures.

I have not visited Europe but would love to go.

Mary Vee Writer said...

After seeing the structure and knowing music, I would think the sound would ring like crystal goblets, powerful like cannons. I would have loved to hear a chamber orchestra, a flute, a symphony orchestra....but not a solo drum there. :)

Mary Vee Writer said...

It's been a while since you've been here. I'm so glad you came. Europe is definitely a worthy line item for a bucket list...that is for sure.