Sunday, August 3, 2014

Adventure of a Lifetime

This is the year for an adventure of a lifetime.

My hubby has always wanted to go to Paris…so that is where I will take you.

Since I don't know what we'll see, or have any great scoops for you yet, I have borrowed photos from author Keli Gwyn and a free photo website to share a bit of Paris with you. (I always like taking you on my trips)

Ready to go?

A favored spot for us, and frequently talked about attraction for us is Notre Dame. 

Next an evening at the Louvre…

The Eiffel Tower

During the day you can see the Market near the Eiffel Tower

Photo Courtesy

Arc De Triomphe

Photo Courtesy

next an old Shop in Paris is a must

Photo Courtesy

last stop for today is the Castle Castillo

Taking a European trip is a big deal. Such preparations!
I hear travelers need adaptors to power electrical devices, passports need to be ready,
do the hotels have hairdryers and little bars of soap?
What about Internet?

If you've gone to Europe, share with those of us who only dream of a trip there. 

Guess where I am while you are reading this?? Eeeeeeeee!!!!!

Your Turn: What location would be your 
Adventure of a Lifetime?


Unknown said...

Hi Mary,

My family and I have been to England, and also to Scotland too. It was in 04 when I visited. It was my sister and I senior trip. It was lots of fun. The people there are super friendly and the food was yummy. I loved seeing the many kinds of buildings that were there and also the history behind them. Yes, when you go to any overseas country you are going to need an adptor, but the Voltadge because if you don't have the right kind you can destroy any electronics that you have and also blow out the electricity. And they do have shampoo and soap at the bed and breakfast places you stay at.
Hope this helps you as your on your trip. I've also wanted to go too Paris it looks so pretty.

Mary Vee Writer said...

Senior trips to a foreign country are especially exciting. The sights stay in your mind forever. So happy you had a chance to go, Danie!

And yes, your information is very helpful for my European trip.