Sunday, July 27, 2014

What Would You Do if You Had Free Time?

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My husband and I visited a missionary in June. This is a hard working couple with a difficult ministry.

God called them to work in a tribal community. 

Like every group of people, this particular tribal people have some really sweet people and some not so sweet people. When they speak, there is a tonal sound to their words. I love listening to it.

The missionary has found a way to blend the tribal people and local ranchers in the church. We sat in the service with the blended group, sang with them, prayed with them, and listened to the sermon with them. 

The Missionary's Church
Photo by Mary Vee
The missionary works long days. He bales hay, repairs things in the church, is a worker at the public school...he reaches out to the whole community in order that they may see and want a relationship with Christ.

When we visited this missionary, he talked about things his wife wanted to do if she had free time, and things his daughters wanted to do if they had free time. When he finished I said, "What would you want to do if you had free time?"

The question stumped him. I don't think he had considered the question...ever. The conversation morphed into another topic, but I didn't forget.

Then I started to wonder. Jesus had a limited amount of time when He was with us. He worked hard, did what the Father asked, was kind, compassionate, giving, forgiving, firm, fair, and so much more. 

I can't help but wonder, what would Jesus say if asked the question, "What would you do if you had free time?"

I really am not sure what He would say. I think it would totally depend on the time, circumstances, needs, I don't know. What did He do while resting on the 7th day of creation? 

How do you think Jesus would answer the question?

If you are as stumped as I am, how about...What would you do if you had free time?

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Janice said...

Because of the story of Mary and Martha, I believe any "free time" Jesus had was spent listening and communing with His Father. What He knew and did He got from the Father. When we pray we mostly do a lot of speaking and not so much listening. Maybe we are suppose to enlarge our being still and listening time. From outward appearances it would look to a fly on the wall like free and wasted time, but God usually has that opposite point of view from what humans have.

I amm given a good bit of choice in how I spend my time. I do find myself engaging in prayer more on days when I have time less occupied by other commitments.

Mary Vee Writer said...

Good thoughts, Janice. Thank you.