Sunday, July 6, 2014

In the Past--And Now

photo by Mary Vee

Take a trip down memory lane and the successful moments you've had. There are thousands. Yes, everyone has so many. 

Learning to walk
Saying your first words
Getting a good grade on a test
Learning to play an instrument or a sport
Getting a job
Having friends

Think of the moments when you said, "Look!" These are grand moments God reminded you how very special you. He put in your heart to call your success to others to strengthen and encourage you. 

We've received certificates of accomplishments

And the successes continue. Today's successes are different from yesterdays, still they are a moment, purposely designed by God to remind you how very special you are to Him. He created you with the best in mind.

God wants us to enjoy our life. 

Sometimes we don't notices the successes until years later when someone points them out to us. Do you recall a family member or friend saying, "Remember when you..." Just a few weeks a go a young man was baptized at our church. During his testimony he said he came to know Jesus through his AWANA teacher. That night after AWANA he spoke again with his parents and asked Jesus into His heart. After the service I happened to chat with one of the elders. During the conversation he said, "You know he was talking about you, right? You were the AWANA teacher."  It had happened about ten years ago, and I didn't remembered. I felt so very blessed.

In the past we succeeded at things we remember and sometimes forget.

Today we are succeeding at different things. Each day. The success may be great or small. Perhaps we held back a nasty comment. Perhaps we made a child smile. Perhaps we cared for the body God gave us by eating right and exercising. The list is endless. 

Consider what you were successful at recently and thank God for making you the treasure you are.

The goal is to live a life where we constantly strive to be our best and most authentic witness for Christ in that moment.

Go and be a God kind of successful in word and deed.

Time to share God's blessings! What have you been successful at? Anything goes whether form time past or present. 
Or share a praise. 
Either way, we love to chat so leave a comment. :)


Patricia Bradley said...

Excellent advice and a beautiful post. I think one thing my granddaughter said to me one time is my all-time favorite. She said, "You never talk about anybody."
That made my day.

Mary Vee Writer said...

So nice to see you on this lovely morning. I have a feeling your granddaughter has no idea how very sweet her words were. What a sweetie!