Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Do We Really Value What God Gives?

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Sometimes we don't appreciate the things God has given us. 

I went to the grocery store and paid for my groceries. As I rolled the cart toward the exit, a young man hurried from the self check out. In his rush he spilled a handful of coins, probably his change, on the floor.

He raised his arm, frustrated at what happened. 

I stopped my cart and waited, wanting to give him the space and a chance to pick up his coins. 

Instead he walked to his friend standing at the frozen coke machine. While his friend filled his cup with a drink, the two appeared to talk. The friend nodded at the coins and when the first young man made no effort to retrieve his spilled change, the friend shrugged.

Neither picked up the change.

A choice now fell on me. I could push my cart past the change, knowing it would either stay there until a custodian cleaned it up or someone else would pick up the coins.

I chose to pick up the coins. I held them in my hand and walked outside, hoping to see the young man. I would have offered the coins to him if I saw him, but I didn't want to chase him down in the parking lot. :)

I didn't see the young man. The coins landed in my jeans pocket.

I wondered why he didn't want to pick up the money. Clearly his friend thought they should be picked up as well. But neither one did. 

Life has thrown me several days when I didn't have money to buy food or a way to get it. God interceded and helped me through those moments.

The Bible tells a story about a man who had to appear before a king. The king accused the man of owing a great sum. The man pleaded for mercy. After all  if the king threw him in jail he would have no way to earn the owed money. The king's heart soften and he forgave the debt. 

One day the man yelled and beat a poor fellow who owed money. The poor fellow begged and pleaded for mercy. After all if the man had him thrown in jail, he would have no way to earn the owed money. The man hardened his heart, refusing to forgive the poor fellow and threw him in jail. 

The king heard about the man and the poor fellow. He called the man back to his chambers and questioned him. "Did you refuse to forgive the poor fellow and have him thrown in jail?" 

The man stammered and cried for mercy. 

The king shook his head. "Because you refused to appreciate the mercy I gave you and did the same for the poor fellow, I refuse to give you any more mercy." The king called for the guards and had the man thrown in jail. 

Someday the young man from the grocery store will need money. When he does, do you think he will remember the day he left a handful of coins on the floor?

This post has been brought to you by the one word: Appreciation 


Becca-expressions said...

Some famously rich person (forget who) once said something along the lines of (forget the exact quote) you can tell which people have money and which do not by how they value the penny on the floor. The rich one will pick it up because it has value; the poor one will despise it.

Mary Vee Writer said...

Good quote. Thank you!
And I think richness is not always defined as physical wealth. I have see the person, whose heart was rich with the blessings of God yet physically poor, reach down and pick up a penny. To me that person knew a gift from God, not matter the size, and accepted it.

Connie Porter Saunders said...

Many years ago, as,a young bride,I stooped to pick up a penny off of the floor. I then became embarassed that my mother-in-law had witnessed this act. She replied "Pennies make dollars". I have never forgotten her observation and there have certainly been times that pennies were needed; sometimes pennies went into the offering plate at church!
Thanks Mary for giving me Food for thought.
Connie Saunders

Mary Vee Writer said...

Your welcome, Connie.
Your mother-in-law sounds like a very sweet lady.
One time we found some coins on the floor of our car. Must have fallen out of a pocket. We were hungry. The coins bought us something simple to eat. God provides:)