Sunday, July 20, 2014

A Great Opportunity

God blesses us everyday with great opportunities.

Even in the midst of trials or fun times, God gives us opportunities.

Think about your day so far. Have your cup of coffee? Wait--I'm going to get mine. Be right back.

Okay, I'm ready. Had a little fun and put an "M" for Mary on top. :)

What opportunity has God given you to bless someone? To bless yourself? (that's okay, by the way. God wants us to be happy) To bless God?

Yes. I'm hearing some great ideas from you all:

*call a friend
*send an email/FB message to someone in need
*fix a super dinner for the family tonight
*listen to the birds
*do the one project I've been putting off
*hug my spouse/child/parent
*pray for my pastor and his wife

Great ideas!!!!

It's also okay to ask someone to do something or pray for you. 

What prayer request do you have? Write it in the comment section. I will be praying right away for your request. 

What can we do for you? Well we're kinda limited on line with this one. But I can think of a couple of things:

Tell me a topic you would like us to chat about.
Tell me a book you would like reviewed.
Tell me an author you would like to visit with us for a weekend post
Tell me a book you would like me to include in the book give aways.

I have a request. Something each of you could do for me. My website/blog Let's Talk has been nominated for blog of the month at the Book Club Network. I know! I'm so excited!!

This organization reaches out to thousands of readers. But to win I need votes. You don't have to be a member and any one can vote. I would really appreciate if you would take a minute to vote this blog and me. Here is how:

1. Go to this link:
2. Scroll down and look in the far right column for "Voting for July blogger of the month"
3. Click the box for "Let's Talk" by Mary Vee 
4. Click the button "vote"

If you are using a mobile phone the link does not take you to the home page...crazy, I know!!
Open the menu on the top right and click on "desktop view". That will take you to the home page. Scroll down and look in the far right column for "Voting for July blogger of the month". Click the box for "Let's Talk" by Mary Vee. Click the button "vote".

Thank you so very much.

Don't forget to include in the comment section how we can pray for your or something you would like added/done on this blog.


Janice said...

Mary, I really like that M in your coffee. How did you make it?

To bless some friends on a blog I frequent I post prayers for them on the prayer page. We are Chistian friends who met through World Magazine blog which was taken down. One really nice soul started a new blog to allow the group to stay together. That has been a blessing. Several from the group from various parts of the nation and Canada have met up, most recently for a picnic outing. So many have been blessed. I think your blog could be that kind of a Christian hangout, too.

Thank you for the book you sent. I have mailed a snail mail thank you.

Prayers for Israel, for my home to be in better shape (clear clutter and major repairs), progress on refining writing skills, and good visit with son.

Mary Vee Writer said...

I will keep these prayers on my list. I think a lot of us could use prayers for keeping the home in better shape. Seems like one project barely is finished before another screams to be done.Thank you so much for sharing. Love chatting with you, Janice.