Tuesday, June 24, 2014


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What is the greatest treasure you have?

Let's assume air, heartbeat, and other essentials are already on the list and think of something different for this topic.

God gives us many treasures. Sometimes we don't notice them because we've always had them. Water, a roof, food, freedom to worship, transportation, communication, ability to read, our senses, friends, clothes, etc. 

Still, God watches over us, insuring the sun, moon, and stars stay where they should, gravity works, web of life functions, and etc. He loves us so much He wants us to enjoy the treasures.

Have you decided what your greatest treasure is? Good.

If this treasure is a person: take a moment and pray for him/her. Thank God for the blessing of having this person in your life. Say something special to them even if you have to use the phone or social media. Memories tend to fade over time, so consider what could be done to help you recall in the future what you are remembering today. These memories will serve as avenues to praise God for each moment He gave you with this person. 

If this treasure is a talent: have you used this talent lately? I saw a show that had a contestant with amputated legs compete in a dance competition. She loved sports and refused to give them up after the surgery. Her motivation inspired many people. I am thankful for the gift of writing and want to honor God by learning to do my best.

If this treasure is health: how are you maintaining your health today? Can you give suggestion to those of us who want to take better care of ourselves? 

If this treasure is finances: can you teach others some of the skills you've learn?

If this treasure is your mind: how can you continue to invest this treasure? An eighty-five-year old man from my church recently taught a mini class. He spouted out verses like a Bible college grad. He took us to the depths of the topic and planted a desire to learn more in all of us. On the last day of the class, he said he was surprised he could still teach the class. He asked the pastor if he could teach another class this coming fall. I plan to attend!

There are many other treasures. I might not have mentioned yours. Whatever treasure you have, be sure to invest it wisely. God really wants you to have more.

During the Old Testament times, God continually offered to give treasures to Israel asking only for their faithfulness. When Israel turned from God to worship false gods, they lost the treasures. 

Enjoy the treasure God has given you with thanksgiving to Him.

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