Sunday, June 22, 2014

Sneaky Moms

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My adult son made his opinion crystal clear. No birthday celebrations for him. 

He is turning one of those golden numbers and hasn't figured out our girly trick--perpetually 29.

The rascal even insured there could be no celebration by tightly packing his day. Even Houdini couldn't squeeze a visit to my son.

Hah! As though he could stop a mother!

My covert plan went into action a week before his birthday. Super charged with kindness and infused with respect for him, a brilliant idea flashed in my mind (shh, his birthday is today--don't tell anyone)

Step one: Buy small gifts that he likes. Hubby and I went to a bookstore and found a small sign complete with his style of humor and perfect for him to hang in his apartment. We also found a book about his favorite topic: political history.

Step two: Leave gift in bag (make sure receipt and price tags are removed)

Step three: Write a check for spending money.

Step four: Engage plan. A week ago he came to the house for a visit. Hubby and I sat down and chatted with him until he said he had to get back to his apartment. I counted at least four reminders from him about not wanting any birthday celebration. 

As he gathered his backpack I sneaked into my bedroom to retrieve the bag then handed it to him. "Dad and I went to the bookstore and while we were there, we thought of you. Of course these aren't birthday presents." 

He pulled out the sign and read it. Hark! What did I see? Did he smile? Did he laugh? Hah, he even said, "Thank you." He reached into the bag again and pulled out the book. THERE. Again...a smile and chuckle from the lips that didn't want a celebration. He talked about the book then said, "Thank you."


He set the bag down and gave me a hug. (smile)

I ran to the kitchen where I had hidden the check and took it to him. "This isn't birthday money. See? I don't have a card."

Again. For the third time. Count it...three times. A smile, a laugh, and a hug.

I won.

A long time ago a sweet lady by the name of Hannah made a birthday present for her son, Samuel. He lived at the temple where he helped Eli the high priest. Hanna made her son a new robe and delivered it to him once a year. Can you imagine their conversations at the reunions? 

We are often told of Hannah's cry to the Lord for a child and HIs gift of Samuel to her. We also know God rewarded her faithfulness by giving her other children. 

Not only did Hannah offer her son to God for service, but she also reminded him, each year, of her unending love for him with a token.

We all do special things for those we love. Sometimes we need to be downright sneaky to pull off our plans. Have you used a covert plan to do something nice for someone?

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