Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Party Time-Celebrating My Birthday

No it isn't one of those special decade birthdays, or even an in betweener. 

Top of Beartooth Mountains.
Snowballs even in June!

It's just have fun, go to the woods in Montana with hubby and have fun on your birthday kind of day. Yes! I'm so excited hubby and I are visiting one of my favorite places- Montana! We'll be helping a missionary fix the sound system in his church and then visit the mountains.

If you are stopping by and haven't become a follower or subscriber, would you? We have so much fun here and would love to have you part of the regular gang.

I've set a goal. 

To be reached by my birthday. 

So, call your loved ones, friends, and neighbors and ask them to become a follower or subscriber on Mary's website: Let's Talk.

Please?  Awww, thanks.

And, in appreciation of all the fun chats we've had so far, I will even have a book give away for a commenter today. 
To win leave a comment about your favorite birthday, and become a follower or subscriber--if you haven't already

I love giving gifts.
(U.S. residents only)

winner announced on my 

In the meantime, enjoy the sunny weather, basque in the outdoor floral scents, go swimming, drink some virtual sweet tea and have a piece of birthday cake.

Speaking of birthday cake. 
I am offering a second book give away to the person who can guess my favorite kind of birthday cake. I'll give you a hint my Grandma made this cake from scratch for each grandkid on their birthday.
LOL. I know. Not much help, eh?  

We really have a lot of fun here on Let's Talk. 
Every weekend I host a guest, many are authors. On Monday s and Wednesdays we discuss Bible issues, current events, book reviews, blessings, and prayer request. 

I'm so excited to have you join us for our next chat. 
There is an open chair, just for you!

The two winners will be able to choose one book from 
my list of great Christian Fiction author's books. 

Technically my birthday is this Friday, but I am hosting an author that day. 
Celebrating early is my kind of fun. Who really can wait to open packages?


Connie Porter Saunders said...

First of all, I would like to wish you an early Happy Birthday. As I get older I realize that each new birthday is a gift from God. You asked for special birthday memories from your readers. I was surprised with a 50th birthday party but one that is even more special occurred many years ago. We were a young farm couple who worked hard (and together) and had very little money for extras. My birthday is Nov. 4th and we were picking corn (harvesting). This was also a year after our daughter was born and I had been strenuously dieting to get rid of the last of the pregnancy weight gain. Late that afternoon my husband brought in a pizza! Delicious pizza that was not part of our budget or my diet plan! We ate it by our corn crib but there has never been a better setting or a more enjoyable meal. Simple to most but outstanding to me then; now, in my memory, it is even more wonderful!

I have no idea about the cake so I will guess made-from-scratch spice cake.

Thank you Mary for all of the wonderful posts that you share with us.


Joanne Sher said...

Happy Birthday (a couple days early!) dear Mary! My favorite birthdays were the ones when my kids were pretty young and THEY made the huge deal out of it. Like the year my daughter - probably 4 - made me a birthday crown out of paper, and I wore to to the grocery store :D

And as for cake? I'm gonna take a wild guess, and assume it's a bit unusual in the birthday cake region and say carrot cake.

Mary Vee Writer said...

What a wonderful birthday. I could picture the whole scene! And I'll bet the pizza calories ran away the next day. So glad God blessed you with special birthday time with hubby.
As for the birthday cake, you are right, it is a made-from-scratch cake, but not spice.

Mary Vee Writer said...

Wearing a home-made crown to the store. You are awesome. I bet your daughter was so very happy to show off her pretty mom.

As for the cake. I love carrot cake...too. BUT wrong answer.

Valri said...

Happy Birthday, Mary! Hope you have a wonderful day on Friday! June is a great month to have one! My daughter's was last week!

J.Grace said...

Happy Birthday, wishing you many blessings!

I would have to say my most memorable birthday was at ChuckeCheese as a child.

As far as the birthday cake ... I'm going to guess chocolate cake.

-Janella Wilson

Amy C said...

Happy Birthday, Mary! I hope you have a wonderful day! My hubs birthday is on Saturday.
My memorable birthday has to be my 13th year when it was in the middle of January and it was nice outside. Like 30-40 degree warmer than normal for that time of year. I was playing softball in my back yard and ended up breaking the basement window that my dad just replaced. Oops! I can still remember that look on his face. Not the best kind of memory but it is the most memorable to me.

For some reason I want to say for the birthday cake is an applesauce cake.

campbellamyd at gmail dot com

Mary Vee Writer said...

I've always enjoyed my June birthday. I was the one who got the pool that all my siblings used. Okay it was small and one of those rubber things, but it was fun. And I was the one who got the swing set. Needless to say my siblings were jealous even though they used it. :) Sunny days. Hikes. Yeah. June is a nice month. Thanks for joining us, Valri:)

Mary Vee Writer said...

Janella, you have such fun memories. Chucky Cheese is an exciting place to celebrate a birthday.

Birthday cake: Not chocolate cake...but you are on the right path!!

Mary Vee Writer said...

Well, there you have it. A fun memory based on an oops event. I think we've all received "that look" from dad when we were young.

Birthday cake: Not applesauce cake. Although, because my favorite is made from scratch and eaten the same day it has the same rich moisture found in applesauce cake.

Heidi Reads... said...

Happy happy birthday! I'm guessing German chocolate cake! My favorite birthday was my 30th when my husband threw me a huge surprise party! He loves surprising me and I never fail to fall for it. And I was ready to leave my 20's behind... :)

colorvibrant at gmail dot com

Mary Vee Writer said...

Heidi YOU GUESSED THE CAKE!!!! (not shouting just totally jazzed.) My Grandmother made this yummy German Chocolate cake for me. Later she showed me how to do it. This year, my daughter is chef, so she will be making it for me.

I tend to be the clueless one for surprises also. I walk into them with such a goofy look on my face because I'm caught off guard. Everyone laughs and the fun lets loose. Everyone is happy.

Heidi Reads... said...

Yay! Hope your family celebration was wonderful!