Thursday, June 5, 2014

Fabulous Friday Feature-V.B. Tenery, Mystery/Suspense Author

Today I welcome an author who writes Crime Stopping Action Stories with an intriguing flare: 
V.B. Tenery

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V.B. is a member of my crit group. She has an amazing writing style that will hook you into her stories in seconds. When I heard about her latest release, Dead Ringer,  I asked her to visit with us and share how God had led her on her writing journey. Here is what she wrote:

My Writing is for His Glory

I can’t claim to have been called by God to write. My writing, as in everything in my life, is for His glory but I hope that would be the case if my chosen profession had been a lawyer, doctor, or ditch digger.

The decision to write came from my own love of suspense novels. Secular fiction had become so violent it made me uncomfortable. I concluded that readers deserved the option to find suspense novels without all the sex and violence. Foolishly, I said, “I can do that,” before I realized learning the craft of writing would take years. Perhaps it was a God nudge and I just didn’t recognize it, but at the time I wasn’t aware that Christian book publishers existed.

Another goal was to reach unsaved family members. I hoped to lure them into learning how Christians live without preaching, which I knew from experience they would ignore. As a Christian, I know we pray constantly throughout the day as the needs and concerns of life occur, but I don’t think that makes for entertaining novels. I try to make prayers relevant to the action in the story so that it flows seamlessly. If a writer doesn’t entertain the reader, she doesn’t get a second chance to reach them.  

My main characters are almost always believers contending with trials forced upon them. Through faith and perseverance they are able to overcome evil and justice prevails. In real life the good guys don’t always appear to win the battles. And today, more and more Christians are facing persecution. But that’s only temporary setbacks. As believers, we know the battle was won on the cross. 

I confess! I LOVE books, especially mysteries, thrillers and suspense. My passion is writing books with shining characters, settings, and plots--so exciting readers can't put them down and they come away feeling delighted with the reading experience--honoring God in the process.

Author V. B. Tenery lives with her family in East Texas.p

When the company she worked for downsized, she jumped at the opportunity to retire and write full time. Since then she has written two Christian novels in a suspense series, Works of Darkness, and Then There Were None, In another series she has combined suspense elements with a supernatural theme in her latest novel, The Watchman.  

In high school and short college experience, her love for literature was equaled only by her distaste for the rules of grammar. Naturally, with these sterling qualifications, writing became her career of choice.

Not content to stay in one genre, her novels range from contemporary suspense and supernatural suspense, to an upcoming historical suspense set in WWII England. When not writing she enjoys reading, hiking, and tube-floating down rivers in the Texas Hill Country

Want to learn more about V.B. Tenery?

FB Author Page:

Dead Ringer-Released May 2014
Mercy Lawrence is terrified.

Bermuda airport facial recognition software has identified her as missing runway star, Traci Wallace. Despite Mercy’s protests, Traci’s husband, ex-CIA agent Thomas Wallace, is convinced Mercy is the mother of his ill six-year-old son. With only his son’s welfare in mind, he abducts Mercy and takes her to a private island to care for the boy.

But Mercy soon discovers there are men much more dangerous than a father desperate to save his son. Her doppelganger has made deadly enemies—a relentless team of killers who now want her dead. 
Click on the book to the right to order.

Works of Darkness-Released March, 2014
Some secrets just won’t stay buried.

A construction site provides a horrific surprise when a worker uncovers the skeleton of a small child wrapped in a sleeping bag. Police Chief Matt Foley soon links the murder to another cold case, the hit-and-run death of Attorney Josh Bradford.

The long suppressed memory of the young victim’s childhood friend, Sara Bradford may hold the key to both crimes. But Matt has mixed emotions about Sara—his prime suspect in her husband’s murder.

Matt soon discovers the twenty-five year old mystery has the power to stretch across decades to kill again.
Click on the book to the right to order.

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Thank you, V.B., for Joining us This Weekend!

Not only is V.B. an excellent writer (and I have read this book as part of her crit is a great read), but she is committed to serving God in whatever He calls her to do.

Let's rally around her and leave an encouraging comment for her. 


Mary Preston said...

It can be tricky finding a great read that is not cringe worthy. Bring on the suspense!!


Mary Vee Writer said...

You rock, Mary! :) Thanks for stopping by and encouraging V.B.

Connie Porter Saunders said...

Good Friday morning! V.B.,I really enjoyed getting to know you through this Interview. I also enjoy mystery and suspense without graphic sex or violence and I know that God is pleased that you choose to honor Him by writing books that Christians enjoy reading. I wish you continued success.
Thanks Mary for another great interview and giveaway.

Linda Glaz said...

Good to have flawed characters who are trying to find their way.

Mary Vee Writer said...

Hi, Connie.
Thank you for the sweet words you've shared for V.B. She is an awesome author who we truly want to encourage to write more books.

Mary Vee Writer said...

Hi Linda,
Thanks for joining us today. Hope the conference you went to was a blessing!

Deborah K. Anderson said...

Not only is she an amazing writer, she's an awesome friend.

Love you, V!

Cindy Q said...

I am curious, V.B., you mentioned wanting to write so your family could see the dailiness of Christianity lived out on the pages of your books. Do your family members read your books?

Bless you.


Mary Vee Writer said...

Deb, so glad you stopped by to say hi and to encourage V.


V. B. Tenery said...

Sorry if's taken a while to respond. I've been away from the computer all day. Many have downloaded the ebook version, but don't know if they have read them. Only one has mentioned it and he is unsaved and said he wants to talk to me. If only one is reached, it will be worth all the hours spent writing.

V. B. Tenery said...

Thanks, Connie for the encouragement. God Bless,

V. B.

V. B. Tenery said...

Yes, thanks for stopping by, Linda. I know many agents and publishers feel that way, but I'm always reminded of Atticus Finch in To Kill A Mockingbird and the success of the Alfred Hitchcock movies. I feel that Christian readers like to read about good people struggling against the odds. I've never been a fan of the anti-hero.





V. B. Tenery said...

Thanks, Deb. You've kept me straight for a long time with your great critiques. Couldn't do it without you. Love ya too.


Mary Vee Writer said...

I totally agree V. And..if only a seed is planted...even that is completely worth it all.
Blessings on you both, Cindy, and V

Nike Chillemi said...

I've read both novels. V.B. Tenery writes mystery with a certain elegance.

Mary Vee Writer said...

I totally agree, Nike. :)