Tuesday, May 20, 2014

What Is Your Golden Age

If you could live at anytime in history, what time would you choose?

I recently watched a movie where the main character wanted to live in Paris during the 1920's. At the stroke of midnight he was mysteriously transported to the 1920s. He, of course, saw all the mystique and awe of the sights, sounds, and people. It truly was all he had hoped.

Then he met a girl from the 20's who had the same thoughts but about the 1890's. One night as they walked the Parisian streets they were mysteriously transported to the 1890's. She, of course, saw all the mystique and was in awe with the sights, sounds, and people. It truly was all she had hoped. 

The main character heard two men from the 1890's talking about the wonder of the Renaissance and wishing they could have lived at that time. It was then that he realized we all wish to be in a different time and place. 

His revelation helped him realize the beauty of the year he originally lived in.

A great theme.

I also considered, though, that there was nothing wrong with dreaming of living in a different place or time. After all, our real home is not here, but in heaven. Perhaps when we think these thoughts we are infusing our conception of what heaven might be like. We see the good of the time or place we dream of.

So…today I invite you to have some fun.

Dream a bit…

If you could, for one day, be any place at any time, what would you pick?

I will start…
I must admit it would be very difficult to choose only one place. It would have to be a time when the world experienced peace. I wouldn't want to get killed in my special place. Let's see, I'd also like my hubby to be with me. It would have to be a sunny place, not too hot and not too cold. Perhaps a bit of adventure. Yes. Now I've picked the place. I'd like to go on an African safari trip.

Your turn. Where and when would you choose for your golden day?


Unknown said...

I would go back to the place where I was born, Havana, Cuba in 1950. I would have my father live longer and have him teach me the way I man should treat me. He would encourage me to be more than I ever thought possible because he saw my spark and intelligence and would teach me value myself. I was only 11 when he died and he was only 52. He was taken from me much too soon. Every day I miss him more and more. My older sister says that I cannot continue to have his loss affect me in my every day life, but she was 18 when he died. She had him a lot longer. My younger sister had him for even less time, because she was 9. To top it all off, we had had to move to U.S. from Cuba because my father new he was a communist. I will never go back to the country I lost, but, if I could go back to that period in time when we lived there I would spend every single second of my time with him to try to make up for the grief of losing him later.

Mary Vee Writer said...

What sadness you feel in your heart, Cujo. I'm glad you have the memories but wish for you a love for the time you had instead of the heartache. I hope God gives you the opportunity to share the relationship you had hoped to receive from your father with someone else who desperately needs you.

Thanks so much for sharing your heart. I'm praying for you. You are truly loved by your heavenly Father..

Anonymous said...

Great post. Too many time periods to choose from but what a cool concept for a movie!