Sunday, May 18, 2014

The Pontoon and the Empty Heart

When we bought our current house, the previous owner didn't want to take the small pontoon paddle boat. She asked us to buy it. My husband didn't even blink before saying yes.

Winter moseyed by followed by the perfect summer to try out the pontoon. Hubby stepped on board and hopped back off before the boat sank. He pulled the boat back out of the water and hauled it back up to the shed.

Poor pontoon sat in the corner the rest of the summer and through the next winter before hubby gave it a second chance. He researched Internet sites, examined the information, and devised a theory. The inner tubes inside the pontoons needed air.

Hubby pulled the pontoon out of the shed and set it in the grass. He hauled the compressor out and filled the inner tubes with air. The pontoon was drug down to the lake and tested. 

Go figure. It didn't sink. 

Hubby grabbed his fishing pole and paddled out to the lake.


There was a time when my heart was empty. I was no better than a sinking boat. Thank God He didn't give up on me and put me in a corner to sit out the summer and winter of my life. He didn't even have to research how to fix the problem. 

God knew from the start what my heart was missing. I needed Him. When I asked Jesus to be my Savior, my heart filled with His presence. No longer disabled, safe and secure, ready to sail though the winds of trials may toss me around.

 This post has been brought to you by the one word: Revive

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