Sunday, May 11, 2014

The Absolute Best Gift We Can Give

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Yesterday was Mother's Day. Yeah, I know you knew that.

So, what did you give your mom? Whether she is still alive or has gone on to glory, there is still an absolute best gift you could give her.

Each member of my family came to me separately, trying to get me to tell them an idea for the perfect Mother's Day gift. In all truthfulness, I didn't need anything. I really didn't want them spending their hard earned money on anything. They'd waited too long to handcraft something. So........what could I say?


Well, they each received the same answer from me.

"I'd like to go for a walk with you."

Hubby agreed. He is not a walker. If he had day to do what he wanted, he'd spend it in the shed working on some project or laying on the sofa with his computer. Going for a walk is sissy stuff. But he did it! We had a great conversation.

Son drove two hours to be with me. If he had his day, he'd spend it sitting on a rock on a shore reading a book. Going for a walk made him take his allergy medicine and endure swarms of gnats. But he did it! We had a great conversation on a river trail.

Daughter number two is in college and works. Available time came at unpleasant hours for a walk. Instead she used her college culinary arts skills to make a fabulous dessert. Yum. Okay, this counted :)

Daughter number one is also in college. Her masters music program had her performing in Prague with the University Choir on Mother's Day. But, she took the time to find internet access and wrote me this tribute: 

Suzuki piano, ballet, drama club, swimming, the Titanic, Russian history, church youth group, Irish dance, all things Ireland, colorguard, journalism, voice performance, medieval musicology, 3 colleges, conducting, and tons & tons of choir.
For every shaky home video, every volunteer experience, every concert attended, every costume/equipment purchased, every 911 funds needed call answered, a very big "thank you" is in order.
Happy Mother's Day, Mom!

Sniff..okay that counted too.

The Absolute Best Gift We can give each other is TIME. Focused, uninterrupted, no face in a computer, cell phone turned off, away from the TV, TIME. 

Time creates memories that don't fade or break. Even my mom, who has dementia recalls events from my childhood and smiles when she retells them.

Dallas Williard, a well know godly speaker has a gift for calling to listeners attention the profound truths in simple things. He's pointed out the incredible fellowship God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit had in time past. Yet in all this fellowship God chose to create us and to welcome us into this blessed fellowship--with open arms.

Yet we turned away from Him and allowed our own desires to pull us away from what would be the best ever. 

God the Son, took time away from His perfect home to come be with us, teach us, and offer the one and only perfect sacrifice to pay for our sins. Isn't that fantastic?

We have opportunities each day to give the Absolute Best Gift to someone we care about. Take a moment and consider how you can give the gift of time.

This post has been brought to you by the one word: TheAbsoluteBest Gift

Happy Mother's Day to all the Moms

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