Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Throw Backs and Best Evers

Haven't the throw backs on FB been fun?

Friends are digging through memories and sharing pics from fabulous days in desperate need to be remembered. 

TV shows have had themes segments focused on the best ever years.

Have you joined the fun?

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Today, I visited my mom in a special care facility. The aids turned on fifties music during the lunch hour. My mom knew all the songs. 

Back in her teen years she'd learned all the dances. Talk about the ultimate work out--have you seen someone do the jitterbug?

Earlier, the therapist had visited with my mom before lunch and mentioned the need for her to exercise her left leg. 

As the lunch music bounced in the air I tapped my feet and shifted them back and forth. "Come on, Mom. Join the fun."

She said, "Oh, no. I did those dances a long time ago when I was a teen."

Ah hah. The challenge was on. Could I get my mom to move her leg using the music. I knew she loved the songs from her era. I asked her if Dad ever went dancing with her. "No," she said. "He never learned to dance."

She looked down at the table, maybe recalling days. To perk her up, I started singing along with the words. Charlie Brown was playing. I pretended I had a microphone and sang as silly as I could, "Why is everyone always picking on me?" 

Mom looked up at me. "You know the words?"

I laughed. "Sure I do. Move your feet with me." 

A whimsical glimmer came to her eyes and she smiled. Her shoulders moved a little forward and side-to-side and she sang. Her feet tapped to the right and left. 

We laughed. What a fun time we had celebrating something she enjoyed from her teen years.


I would be hard pressed to choose one individual from the Bible to share his or her throw back moment. Each one could easily share more than one.

Job - after the trial he was rewarded with children, animals, and so much more. They had       
         fantastic parties at his house I would have loved to have been at.
Noah - stepping off the boat to a cleansed land. Imagine how fresh the air smelled?
Abraham - being shown the stars of the sky and told it represented the number of        
                  descendants he would have.
Moses - witnessing his people crossing the Red Sea
David - dancing his praises to God, being crowned king
Zacchaeus - Jesus coming to his house for dinner
Esther - her coronation day - the day Israel was saved
Mary - the birthday of the King
12 Disciples - 3 special years with Jesus
Abigail - saving her husband's property by serving a meal to David and his men

There are so many more individuals who could share a fantastic Bible throwback moment!!

Your turn. 
What is your favorite throw back moment?
Have some fun... 
You can share more than one--wink ;)

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